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Rajini Makkal Mandram Rule Book Translation in English
(Wednesday, 29th August 2018)

Thalaivar #Rajinikanth wishes all the members and office bearers of #RajiniMakkalMandram 

Purpose of rule book is to provide instructions to office bearers on strengthening mandram & regulate the duties done through. Members should comply with the rules.

#RajiniMakkalMandram founded on Jan 1,2018 by Rajinikanth to focus on positive political changes in TN.

Purpose of RMM to prepare the cadres for straight forward,transparent,pure social welfare services through politics without any religious,communal differences.

#RajiniMakkalMandram primarily focuses on RELIGIOUS HARMONY. RMM never encourage social discrimination towards any religion,community,language, gender.

Anyone above 18 years can join RMM. No fees for membership.

#RajiniMakkalMandram Infrastructure 

For each district, mandram will have separate District group, union group, town group, panchayat group, branch groups will be formed.

For each municipality, zonal and division groups, ward and branch groups will be formed.

Following district and municipality groups will be under the control of  #RajiniMakkalMandram district head. These groups will be in charge of #RMM activities in their respective areas 

Based on administrative convenience RMM based district groups will be formed.

For administrative convenience and population,3 districts bordered Chennai #RMM divided into North, Central, South Chennai and Madurai #RajiniMakkalMandram divided into City, Suburban districts.

Pondicherry state RMM divided into Pondicherry and Karaikal districts.

Several associate teams have been formed under #RajiniMakkalMandram in order to unite people of all categories and to give them equal participation in mandram activities and for smoother mandram activities.

Separate rules for these associates given to each of them.

More associates will be formed in future by #RajiniMakkalMandram head based on requirements.

Associates - YOUTH WING 

Age not more than 35 for both genders.

Concentration on solving youngsters several issues through #RMM and to organize them for betterment of TN

Ladies Wing 

This is the most integral part of #RajiniMakkalMandram Women power is the deciding factor of TN politics but there's not much importance for them. We will break this barrier and they will be given importance in mandram. A ladies wing in each panchayat

Transgenders will also be added to ladies wing (1st of its kind) and they will be given the positions if they met the requirements.

Women's management talents in household will also be reflected towards the growth of #RajiniMakkalMandram and Tamilnadu

Farmers Wing

Focused on spreading awareness among public regarding hardships faced by farmers,ground water harvest,uniting national peninsular rivers,hereditary water management, methods on water harvest

Agri grads have been added & preferred for positions

Fisherman Wing

Fishing plays an important role in TN economics.This wing will focus on the development of fishermen families and their localities.More focus on SL navy attacks on fishermen rights in Palk Strait and to find a permanent solution regarding this #RMM

Merchants Wing 

Primarily focuses on every merchants needs and demands to the government.

Lawyers Wing

To organize every lawyers who're admirers of #Rajinikanth They'll provide law advices to RMM district & wings. District panchayat court lawyers only allowed.

Weavers Wing

Many village peoples' family business is Weaving and it plays an important role in Village economy. This wing will focus on their needs and demands to govt

IT Wing 

Essential part of #RajiniMakkalMandram in spreading day to day updates regularly

Important things to note 

Law graduates who did only UG course and not a practitioner in any magistrates won't be allowed in #RajiniMakkalMandram's Lawyers Wing.

#RMM also having a separate wing for Doctors and Engineers to unite all thalaivar admiring graduates.

Usage of #RajiniMakkalMandram Flag

* Not for permanent use by anyone 
* Flag should be made only of cloth material. Strictly NO PLASTICS
* Flag can be used in vehicles only during meetings, gathering & conference. Should be removed immediately after the event.

#RajiniMakkalMandram Membership

Anyone can join who completed 18 years of age. The members of any religion/community oriented associations will not be allowed in #RMM 

Office Bearers 

Head RMM holds the rights of appointing and expulsing office bearers

*No member can ask for office bearer rights.
*Anyone can hold the positions in RMM based on qualifications.
*No criminal records against office bearers.
*The office bearer should be a resident or working at the place where he was posted.
*Posting will not be given based on permanent address. Staying for a longtime at a particular place is required.

*Those who have given wrong address proof will be expelled.

* 1 posting per family.

*Agelimit only for youth wing

For administrative convenience, temporary administrators can be appointed for #RMM Regular posting at any medium (district/panchayat/town) offered based on their work ability. 

#RajiniMakkalMandram has the rights to expel them from post if not performed well
Rules for forming #RajiniMakkalMandram Executive body is applicable for all mediums (district/panchayat/town/municipality/wards)

Members: President,secretary,organizer,depy. Secretary,joint secretary,ladies wing secretary,elected members. They hold voting rights
Other wing secretaries can attend Executive meetings but they don't have voting rights.

Monthly once meeting

President or secretary can conduct the meeting.

For some districts having both president and guardian (பொறுப்பாளர்) guardian should conduct meetings

In the absence of guardian, secretary hold the meetings. In case of absence of both joint secy can conduct the meeting with #RMM head's consent.

Executive meeting can be conducted at any time on emergency situations.

Details should be shared in whatsapp group.

Executive meeting attendance strictly followed. Absence should be informed earlier. 

If a member didn't attend 3 meetings in a row, he/she will be expelled from #RMM 

Activities should be noted by secretary or guardian. Details should be given to Head RMM through email

#RMM activities in a particular areas should be decided in executive meeting. Other kind of topics shall be discussed based on members consent. Discussion should be done in Democratic way. Resolutions can be done either unopposed or voice voting method

No unwanted arguments between the members of #RajiniMakkalMandram executive body. Resolutions should be signed by all members for passing to head RMM. 50% voting required for passing a resolution, if not met can follow the guidelines given by head #RMM

It is to be noted that #RajiniMakkalMandram is a democratic wing. All opinions are important. If any general body member creates nuisance during meeting, guardian and secy have rights to discharge them from the meeting. They'll be noticed for disciplinary action

Records should be maintained for General body meeting. None of the information should be leaked outside of general body meeting. If anyone found to leak the information, he/she will be expelled from #RMM 

General body holds the rights of decision making

RMM Guardian/Secretary 

*For every district
*District top level officials of #RMM 
*Every district medium (district/town/panchayat/municipality/ward) RMM and wings under their control.
*In case a district has both guardian and secretary, guardian acts as supremo

Duties of Guardian/Secretary 

*Dividing the works and incharge between Deputy, Joint, Assistant Secretaries and Executive members for #RMM development

*Frequent monitoring their duties

*Works should be reported to head #RMM and can recommend for their promotion

Translated by : Hari Kaalicharan @HariKaali1


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