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Celebrities Speak

Bose Venkat

June 2008


Sivaji memento welcomes

Very first on entering his house, Sivaji Silver Jubilee Memento welcomed me. I sat in the chair in the drawing room and our conversation started after exchanging pleasantries and where abouts. (See beside the pic of memento)

Since he was in very casual attire I didn’t stress for any pic at his home.

How did you feel when you were roped in to play a role in Sivaji?

Actually I was making strenuous attempts to get into the Sivaji bandwagon ever since the project was announced. I was trying all the ways and I was ready to play even a single minute role in the film. But I couldn’t make it. My friends used to pull my legs over this often and it used to end up with a brawl.

Friends’ teasings

One day, I got a call and the caller said that he is speaking from Shankar’s office. I thought that some of my friends alone are kidding me and I said, “Machan don’t play da…pls I have lots of work.” But the caller said he is speaking from Shankar’s office alone and the director wants to meet him in his office. Again I said, “Machan, podhum da…enakku neriya vaelai irukku….”

Call from Shankar’s office

This time, the caller stressed strongly, “Sir, you are mistaken. Really we are calling from Shankar’s office alone. He wants to know whether you are ready to play a small role in Superstar’s Sivaji?”

Look how humble is Shankar sir. Since I acted as a hero, in a film earlier (Kannamma) he asked so. Who would say No to act with Rajini sir? As I was ready and crazy even to act in a role that lasts for seconds, I agreed to the offer immediately and met Shankar sir at his the same day.

My joy knew no bounds. I was almost flying in sky. But at the same time, I was in a doubt whether this would realize or not and my happiness would be real or fake? So, I decided to keep mum until I start acting in the film.

First day shoot

My first day on shooting was with none other than Superstar alone. High court scene was scheduled that day. And I went to the spot and was simply staring out of furor. My eyes searched Superstar and YES I spotted him and turned in a frenzy mood. He was wearing make-up that time.

Change the dress? Where?

An assistant director approached me and gave me a set of dress and asked me to change the dress and be ready for the shot immediately. “Change the dress? Where?” I asked him as I was looking for a caravan or at least a hide. “Just change there,” the assistant said pointing me a van’s otherside.

I was shocked. I was acting as a hero in budget films and as main characters in some other films. Should I change my dress here? What’s this? Will the rest of shoot days too will pass like this? Iyoe, my calculations went wrong…chae”

Superstar changes his dress in open

The next moment I got a rude shock. What I saw is real or a dream? Superstar was pulling out his pants - simply sitting in a chair in open space. Just in a flash of seconds he changed his dress and was standing before Shankar. “Ok Shankar?”

I was spell bound for a few minutes and it took some time for me to come back to memories. India’s highest paid actor, discarding his star status, just changing his dress open space without any starry airs. Shouldn’t I learn from him? I became shy and moved to corner of the van and changed my dress.

Superstar’s pat

Director called me for my shot with Superstar.

My first dialogue was with Superstar, “enna yaaru kitta paesikittirukkae theriyuma???”

The shot was okayed instantly and Superstar gave me a pat for that scene. “Vitta Bose ennai adichiruvaaru polarukkae?” he burst out of laughter.

After that scene, I moved from that place and I had no chance to speak to him as he moved to the other shot.

On the next day shoot, after finishing my portions I was just waiting to have a few words with thalaivar. (Bose addresses Superstar as thalaivar alone)

Aware of everything

Somebody summoned me that thalaivar wants to meet me and I rushed towards him where he was sitting in a corner of the spot. He welcomed me and said that my acting is quite natural and he blessed me that I will become a big actor one day. Wow…My day was made. For my surprise, he told about me many things which I thought that others don’t know. He is AWARE of EVERYTHING. He listed all things about me and said that he used to watch my serial Metti Oli too.

Rajini, aware of everything

He is up to date of everything that happens. Also he takes attempts to know about the world and happenings in each one’s perspective. In my point of view, in a small boy who’s there at the spot – in his point of view, in a side artiste’s point of view, in a old man who’s there – in his point of view. He studies everyone’s point of view and stores it with him. A COMPLETE MAN who is up to date of all things. His General Knowledge is astonishing.

Rajini watches Dhoom 2

During the progress of Sivaji shooting, Ash-Hrithik starrer Dhoom 2 released. We all wound up the shooting late night and then went home. But Rajini sir, told me that he watched the movie and he narrated us the story completely to my surprise. I wondered where did this man got time to watch the movie?

Watches Thalainagaram

Similarly, while I was in Sivaji shooting, Thalainagaram movie where I have acted in a meaty role released. I too didn’t see the movie. But Superstar saw the movie in theatre and the next day lauded my performance on screen and also announced to entire Sivaji unit that, “Bose has become a big star from today onwards. So, please keep a distance from him and treat him with great respect” – the unit people begun to treat me differently and later I understood that it was Rajini sir’s comedy act.

Though he played a joke – he stood with his words to unit and behaved that as if I am a big star.

His passion towards me and my family

Another thing which I couldn’t forget in my life is Rajini sir’s passion towards my family and his great help.

This happened last year after a few months of Sivaji release and I don’t have any contacts with Rajini sir after that.

My father’s last wish

Last year my father fell ill and I brought him to Chennai and gave all possible hospital treatment. Though he regained normalcy I know that he is in last phase of life and anything can happen to him anytime and doctors also alerted me about that. I decided to keep my father happy and contend in rest of his life. And I was making sure that he has doesn’t even a small grievance.

After the treatment, we were heading to Egmore railway station in a car with my father and mother to leave them in native place. Suddenly my asked me, “Dear son, I wish to meet Rajini sir. Is it possible? Can u arrange?”

Rajini sir gives appointment

I didn’t expect this and shocked immediately. Since he is in the last stages of life – I became upset about its fulfillment. I immediately ringed to Rajini sir’s personal assistant and conveyed the same – that is my father’s wish to meet him. His PA replied immediately that he’ll get back to me soon. I decided – this is not going to happen. Bcos I know how difficult it is to meet Rajini sir and that too when he is not in shooting. I consoled myself that I should feel sufficient about my stills with Rajini sir when I took during the shooting of Motta boss scene and receiving of Sivaji silver jubilee shield. But what itching my mind is : about my inability to fulfill my father’s wish at his final phase of life. So I was thinking like this and driving. But suddenly Rajini’s sir PA called me and said that Rajini sir agreed and asked to come to mandapam that noon. I could guess what has happened. It’s hardly a two or three minute I called and put my obligation. His PA must have told Rajini sir, “Sir, Bose’e father wants to meet you. Bose asks permission to meet you with family…”

Superstar seems to reply immediately, “ok…ok…udanae varasollunga….no problem” (Bose acted this scene to me as how Superstar would have said that. Really a very good imitating)

We cancelled the travel to native and started returning to my house. I ringed my wife and told her about our meeting with the boss and asked her to be ready.

The heart touching moment

That noon with an hour –We were at Raghavendra Mandapam. We were made to sit in the drawing room. Simple but peaceful place it is. I still couldn’t realize it is happening or just a dream. I pricked myself. Oh…it’s true….it is happening. We were anticipating eagerly the one and only boss’ arrival. Just a few minutes later, Superstar arrived the place and wished us all with his trademark “Vanakkam”

Blessings from the legend

My joy knew no bounds. My father was very happy. We almost spent one hour with him. I touched his feet and sought blessings. My family members had a chat with the legend and I exchanged pleasantries and thanked him for fulfilling my wish. His humility floored my entire family. (See the pictures attached)

One hour with Superstar?

I asked to Bose, “Sir is it one hour you spent with him? Wow…you are very lucky sir. I know how many big shots are just waiting to meet him for a single second...”

Bose replied, “Yes it is heart touching that he spent one hour with us. Because he knows that my father is in last phase of life and he’ll soon leave this world. More than me, it is my father who was very happy to meet Rajini sir and I could see the satisfaction in his face. I got relieved as I fulfilled my father’s last wish. After two months, my father passed away. His soul would have attained peace – definetely”

I could see tear drops in his eyes. I consoled.

“Sir, its very good that your fulfilled your father’s last wishes. How many in this earth gets that chance…? You are really lucky and great”

Bose continues…

After this I called all my friends and shared the experience of meeting the Sun with them. They turned jealous.

Moral learnt from Superstar

I asked him, “You have acted with Superstar for a full film and also personally vibed with him. What’s the moral you learnt from him?”

You can write a book on that....anyhow i try to list a few...

“Nothing is in our hands. Every second belongs to GOD…God alone – this is the moral I learnt from him.”

And also i learnt – how to be brisk and energetic always...

How to stay cool in irrelevant situations....

How to be down to earth and simple and humble despite your iconic status...

How to understand others feelings and respect that....like this i can cite more....

Have you changed in any issue or behavior after seeing Rajini sir?

Yes. I used to tell for long to my friends and relatives very often that “Naan indha nilamaiyila innikki irukurraenna…adhukku kaaranam…" I used to self-proclaim about my present status. Because, I came up from a scratch. I started my life as an auto-driver. So, for me it is a big success story. But Rajini sir, never uttered a single word about his status. He never said – "indha nilamaiyila naan innikki irukurraenna...." So I stopped saying like that after meeting Rajini sir.

About Sivaji’s success?

Am very happy to be a part in such a historical hit. I know how big hit the film became around the globe. Some tried to undermine the profits they made with the movie. I know that. Why even industry people know that. Rajini sir knows very well.

I am proud to share screen space with such a humble soul. I thank Shankar sir for giving me that opportunity. Even for Robot I am ready to accept any role however small it is – if Shankar wants me to act. I am waiting for his call.

source : http://onlysuperstar.blogspot.com/

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