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Interview with Dr. Gayathri Sreekanth ... author of The Name is Rajinikanth
(Monday, 31st March 2008)

An exclusive interview with Dr.Gayathri Sreekanth on post launch scenario of the biography - The Name is Rajinikanth

Fantabulous sales

Ever since the release of the biography 'The Name is Rajinikanth', the book shops reported fantabulous sales. Like any Superstar’s movie producer – this book’s publisher too laughing all his way to the bank. At this juncture, we wanted some inputs for all of you straight from the horse’s mouth itself. So, we sought appointment and met Dr.Gayathri on Sunday at her residence.

How is the sales of the book?

In one word - Amazing. All the 20,000 copies printed by publisher have sold out. All the printed copies have exhausted from the publisher and he has got re-orders. And the second edition of another 10,000 copies has already hit the market. Most of the outlets sold out the first edition and now started selling second edition. Truly this is a phenomenon. I feel much elated and excited.

It has been declared as Best Seller of 2008 in non-fiction category.

Has Superstar read the book? What he said?


Yes he has read it and said that I have done a great job. He has suggested including more incidents on his vibes with spirituality.

Greatest compliment?

From fellow writers. Particularly from late Sujatha sir. He completely read my script and congratulated me.

When would Tamil version hit the market?

Probably by April end or May beginning. Presently I am winding up the Tamil version.

Any additions or omissions?

Yes. I am planning to include some chapters on his vibes with politics and his influence in fans life. And there would be a separate chapter which would speak on Sivaji’s phenomenal success alone.

Will its release be a bigger event like English version?

Definetely. And much more bigger than English version’s launch. Planning to invite Superstar himself. I hope he will turn up this time.

Why Superstar was not there in the English version launch?

Oh…he said to me the previous day of the launch that he is unlikely to turn up since it is my function and I alone should be given importance. Moreover, he pointed out that if he turns up, the media focus would be only on him and everybody would praise him sky high which he is uncomfortable with. Finally he agreed to send his daughter Soundharya.

They said that Big B has been invited for the launch?

He will release the book in Hindi and other languages in Mumbai sometimes in May.

They say there are mistakes in the book.

They are just editing mistakes and typos. They have been corrected.

Any unforgettable moment during this mission

My meeting and conversation with Mr.Rajinikanth. Its really unforgettable.


Once again congratulations for the good job and thank you for sparing your precious time for this interview.

Its my pleasure. Thanks.

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