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Superstar Rajinikanth name in Thiruvannamalai!!
(Saturday, 9th February 2008)

Many of you would have heard about this news but only a very few would have had the opportunity to see it. So, hereby presenting it for you all.

Lamps to Girivalam path

Superstar, some years back donated hundreds of sodium vapour lamps to the `Girivalam path' in Thiruvannamalai for the benefit of innumerous pilgrims who visit Thiruvannamalai every Full Moon day.

Our member Mr.Pradeep who had been to Thiruvannamalai recently had captured this for all of us and sent to me. Just assembled them as single pic and presenting to you. Hope you like this.

You can see Superstar's name in stone engravings and one of the lamps donated by Superstar.

What we see is a drop; Unknown is an ocean

We all know that Superstar never likes publicity for his charity works. What we see in the picture is just a drop on Superstar's chairity acts. Unknown is an ocean. Sometimes, his charity works get leaked and comes to our knowledge. This is one among them.

- Sundar

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