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Rajinikanth received NDTV Entertainer of the Year award
(Friday, 18th January 2008)

BIG OCCASION: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with actor Rajinikant at a function in New Delhi on Thursday after presenting the NDTV's Entertainer of the Year award to him.

NDTV presented awards to Indian heroes in a glittering function held at Taj Palace, New Delhi. The function was attended by dignitaries, celebrities and other prominent personalities.

Commentary from Media Correspondent, Mr Sundar

I today understand the meaning for this lyric line from Chandramukhi – "Kan Imaikkum Nodiyil edhuvum nadakkum"

Each and every second belongs to God and it is HE who decides WHAT must go to WHOM and particularly WHEN.

I was out from home when i received calls and sms from my friends last evening that, in NDTV they are showing thalaivar and his wife with prominent personalities for the Indian of the year programme. At that time we couldn't understand completely what was going on at NDTV.

I immediately started spreading this news thru calls and sms to our group members and other friends who are known to me and my mobile. Mainly I didn't forget to inform the newspapers about this.

The fireworks thus begun

I was caught long way from my home and i was unable to catch any tv nearby me to watch the programme. However i have been disturbing my friends and hearing a running commentary on this function.

Just participation itself is a honour

But the moment i came to knew about this function, even before Superstar received the award - i was jumping in joy. Because i was told that Superstar's consort Mrs.Latha Rajinikanth was sitting next to Nita Ambani (Mukesh Ambani's wife) and Sonia's family members and Cabinet ministers including Kamal Nath, P Chidambarm and other prominent personalities. The news that our thalaivar and his consort sharing space with these top personalities itself news to cherish and rejoice. Forget the award. Just participation itself is a honour.

"Crave for something…you won't get it.
Renounce the craving…it will follow you"

– Bhagwan Sri Ramana

How true the above lines are!

You know, only two awards were given from PM's hands - the Indian of the year award to defence personnel and the best entertainer award to Superstar. Rest awards were given by others such as P Chidambaram, Mani Shankar Aiyer etc.

Later at midnight I caught the programme in NDTV again. But guess what it was chopped one. Anyway, very happy to see Superstar receiving award from Prime Minister. NDTV was repeatedly showing the clips related to Superstar till early morning. Wow!.check for images at the end. (Just clicked the tv in my camera)

Superstar was as usual very simple in his trademark pyjama kurta and rough stubble and I think he is the only person who came very simple and casual there without any makeover.

Though Sharukh Khan had a difficulty in answering questions before PM and FM he managed somewhat. Sharukh Khan was very much accustomed to functions like this. But Superstar's case is not like that. He was little bit nervous. He is already a media shy in nature.

Dhik…dhik…dhik… .seconds

I am just a viewer in television. For that itself my body was shivering and trembling when I saw the dignitaries. And I couldn't even IMAGINE receiving an award from PM and answering questions in front of him. Almost all top level icons in the respective field were there and surely it would be a `Mission Impossible' for any other actor from Down South. And that too answering questions which the VVIPs were shooting spontaneously and that too where Prime Minister is standing nearby. Happa….ninaichalae vayitha kalakudhu….. Those who watched earlier in LIVE last evening, would have felt this. Really dhik…dhik…dhik… .seconds….

The one question that made Superstar a stand-still was from Karan Johar : Is there anything that Rajini can't do? Superstar unexpected this question and couldn't answer it immediately and just burst out a laughter.

I think the entire scenario would be different if Prime Minister was not there or if it was just a tv channel's event. Superstar would spoken a little bit extra in that case. Since Prime Minister and Finance Minister was there even much experienced Shahrukh trembled unknowingly but managed neatly. When Pranoy Roy asked that is there anybody willing to ask Prime Minister a question, nobody dared to ask him. And I noticed that sharply that when the Pranoy Roy was describing and shooting questions regarding Superstar's Japan and international fame – I could saw P Chidambaram was endorsing the same to Mukesh Ambani who in turn was listening with care. 

Questions that were asked to Superstar.

1) It is said that you are highest paid actor in the country.

Superstar: Who said? (Laugh!)

The commentators pulls his leg by commenting: Don't tell this bcos finance minister is here…..(the whole hall burst into laughs)

2) Do you think that South Indian filmdom are given importance nowadays. There's common thought that Indian cinema means it is only Bollywood.

Superstar: Yes. South Indian filmdom is given importance and its technicians too. Thanks to media and you people for that.

3) What about the one thing that all journos trying to get answer from you but still inaccessible. Politics….? When you are going to plunge into politics directly? [Superstar just turns his face towards Dr.Manmohan Singh and sees him for a while. (He should have done that just because a small hesitant about his answer and also thinking in fraction of seconds that whether his usual God only Knows will be considered here respectful. Remember Prime Minister was nearby standing]

Superstar: It is purely with destiny. And with God's hand. Day before yesterday I don't know that I will be here today and tomorrow I don't know where will be I am. God has given me a role that of an actor today. When he gives a role that of politician tomorrow.. I will do that surely. (Prime Minister enjoys the answer)

Friends, I must admit one thing that really Superstar feels the same regarding politics. That is God's hands. Because if he has someother answer, e.g. Yes or No, that would have come out from his mouth at this juncture. Because "Those who speak truth alone can answer questions thrown in such a situation" Understand my point?

4) So you are not ruling out the possibility?

Superstar: I told you that its destiny.  (laughs)

Now Pranoy Roy asks the audiences to shoot the questions. (Remember that audiences here are just prominent personalities like Priyanka Gandhi, Rober Vadera, Raghul Gandhi, Mukesh Ambani, P Chidambaram, Karan Johar, Shar Rukh and other VVVVIPs.)

Karan Johar wishes Superstar and shoots question.

5) Is there anything that Rajini can't?

Superstar didn't expect this. (Remember it was LIVE programme) He thought for a while and laughed and that's it.

6) Whom do you think the best actor from Bollywood?
Amitabh Bachchan

Now Pranoy Roy asks Sha Rukh to shoot questions. Before that he speaks that he is really honoured to share the space with Superstar here in the event.

7) Sir, pls tell me how to become myself Shahenshah of Bollywood. (He was in a mood that he had asked an intelligent question which is difficult to answer)

Superstar: One day you will become Shahenshah. God bless you. (I bet you that no other appropriate answer can be dished out from a question like this and that too amidst VVVIPs)

Now Pranoy Roy asks

Do you have anything to say for Sharukh….Rajini?

Superstar: He is an excellent…excellent… actor. And I liked very much his integrity. I saw his sports film Chak de. I wanted to do roles like that.

Sha Rukh interprets : So, you are praising my sport skills alone. Not acting skills. (Again the hall bursts into laughter)

Finally SRK thanks Superstar for attending the event and honouring actors like him. (Remember that he is only a consolation winner and not a straight winner like our thalaivar.)

Meantime, just remembering the other questions asked to Superstar while I was hearing running commentary from our member Vijayakumar.

NDTV: You rarely come out of Chennai. And they say if you step out of your car, the traffic there comes to a stand still….

Superstar: No…no….it's not like that. It is you  - media  - only giving such reports.

Note1: I still couldn't believe what happened. Hope you too feel the same…..

Note2: Tonnes and tonnes of coals on all faces which tried to badmouth Sivaji, its success and Superstar. Do I need to say that Sivaji was the reason for Superstar's pan Indian fame which was ultimately the reason for this award triumph?

Note3: I just remember here and laugh for a while on some politician turned actors who thrive for limelight and Congress alliance.

Note4: As usual – hell with the local media. Very conservative coverage. Though I saw the news last night in Dinamalar website I couldn't see it in print version today. Only Hindu, Thanthi and Dinakaran and another crap paper has published the news today and couldn't see the news in other papers.

Congrats to the Tamilians: My heartiest congratulations to AR Rahman and Viswanathan Anand who also bagged the award along with thalaivar. Hats off to the three Tamilians who made Tamil and Tamil Nadu proud.

The Hindu link on the above event

Function Images link:

http://smg.photobuc v243/rajinifans/ ndtv/

Superstar's part:

http://www.hindu. com/2008/ 01/18/stories/ 2008011859861300 .htm

General event coverage with pics:

http://www.hindu. com/2008/ 01/18/stories/ 2008011859851300 .htm

NDTV Video Clip

- Sundar

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