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Superstar pays homage to DGS Dinakaran
(Thursday, 21st February 2008)

Dinakaran was once a tenant in Superstar's Velachery house

Do any of you know that DGS Dinakaran was running his Karunya Trust in Superstar's Velachery residence several years before? It was from 88 to 91. He was a tenant there for a few years. From that time itself they were good friends. Dinakaran's family members are also good friends and well wishers of Superstar.

Dinakaran's blessings to Superstar

Do you know during 1995, Superstar's interview to Doordarshan (SV Ramanan's Ques and Answer) on birthday? In that programme, Spiritual leaders from all religions gave their birthday message to Superstar. Among them, it is DGS Dinakaran also is one who represented Christianity.

Even we could remember his message:

---- Bible koorukiradhu, Thannai evan thaazthi kolgiranoe avan uyarthapaduvan…..Superstar Rajini avargal thannai thaazthi pirarai uyarthugirar….avar karthar arulal men melum uyarthapaduvar…Yesuvin thunai avarukku eppodhum irukattum ---- DGS Dinakaran in Doordarshan 1995

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