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Suoerstar Rajini visits CM Stalin photo exhibition
(Saturday, 11th March 2023)

On the occasion of the 70th birthday of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. K. Stalin, a historical photo exhibition titled “Our Chief Minister – Our Pride” has been organized at the Raja Annamalai Forum, Chennai.

A large number of people such as political party leaders, MLAs, ministers, film industry and general public are visiting this exhibition which started on 28th.

In this situation, actor Rajinikanth visited the photo exhibition of Prime Minister M.K.Stalin today. Minister Shekhar Babu, actor Yogi Babu and others visited the exhibition along with him. Rajinikanth, who later wrote in a book commenting there, wrote, “Wonderful collection, what memories”.

After visiting the photo exhibition, actor Rajinikanth said:-

“The photo exhibition on Prime Minister M.K.Stalin has been organized very brilliantly. The life journey of the Prime Minister and the political journey of the Prime Minister are one and the same. He has worked hard to reach this place by holding various positions. It was the recognition given to him by the people of Tamil Nadu that made him the Prime Minister.”

Said thus.

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