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Meena relives her Anbulla Rajinikanth days
(Saturday, 9th May 2020)

A film that’s close to both Rajinikanth and Meena’s hearts is Anbulla Rajinikanth. The film, directed by the Superstar’s close friend Natraj, had Rajini playing himself and Meena as a terminally ill child who stays in a home. The film went on to have a successful run at the theatres and is remembered for the sweet chemistry the two actors shared. No wonder then that Meena got all nostalgic when the film was telecast on a channel recently.

The actress took to her Instagram to share clips from the film. She shared the popular song, Kadavul Ullame, and wrote that this was a song that was sung by Rajinikanth’s wife, Latha. In a series of stories, she shared the introduction scene of Rosy (Meea’s character in the film), and referring to the scene in which she pours water in her food and throws milk on Lalitha (played by Ambika), she wrote, ‘The atrocious little girl’. She also shared the scene in which Rajinikanth feeds her chocolate and she spits it out, and wrote, ‘Most difficult shot I ever performed coz I love chocolates and sweets’.

Meena also shared the other popular song, Muthumani Chudare Vaa, and wrote that the little girl’s voice that calls our ‘Rajini Uncle’ is her. “He asked my mom Endha kadayila arisi vangaringa,” she wrote with a laugh.

Soon after the film ended, Meena was thrilled to find that her other film, Vetri Kodi Kattu, directed by Cheran, was playing on another channel and she went on a nostalgia trip, yet again!

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