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Chandramukhi first look still released
(Friday, 24th December 2004)

24 Nov 2004

Even a kid in Tamil Nadu would know that the most talked about Tamil film this year is ChandramukhiThat is the kind of buzz the new Rajnikanth film has created.

An exclusive still from the film shows a different Rajni -- not the Rajni everyone saw at his daughter wedding. The balding, old man transformed himself into a dazzling youthful man in designer clothes. The spectacles have added youth to his face.

Mohanlal was excellent as the eccentric and funny psychiatrist in the Malayalam original Manichitrathazhu (1993).

The story starts with a young couple coming from Kolkata to live in their ancestral home. Living close by are the young man's uncles, aunts and cousins. When mysterious events start taking place in the house, their psychiatrist friend is called from the US. Rajnikanth plays the doctor and Prabhu [left], the young husband.

Simran was supposed to play Prabhu's schizophrenic wife, played by Shobhana in the original. She won her first National Award for the role.

But Simran will be replaced and Jyothika may land the role. Nayanathara will play Rajnikanth's heroine while in Manichitrathazhu, Mohanlal did not have a heroine.

The shooting of Chandramukhi is in progress in Chennai at a hectic pace to meet the Pongal deadline.

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