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Appeal to AVM to reduce Sivaji movie ticket price
(Wednesday, 18th July 2007)

Dear Sir,

We, at the would like to take this moment to salute your production house for giving us a wonderful treat through the name Sivaji The Boss. We, also salute you for making a worldwide release and also in creating all the hype and hoopla around the movie that ensured such a tremendous opening that was never seen for any Indian movies before. We, also are deeply grateful to you as we hear that Sivaji The Boss will be releasing in Hindi language, as that will create more market penetration at the Hindi heartland.

While we are all celebrating the huge success of Sivaji, we would like to bring to your esteemed attention about the Ticket prices. Yes, we all are aware of the huge production cost that was gone into the making. While we all appreciate that, we would like to see the movie would be a "feasible" option for the normal working class in Tamilnadu.

Movie, as we all know is the greatest mode of entertainment and what else gives a better entertainment for 3 hours than Sivaji? Those hard working tamilians in the B, C and other centers might not have enough money to watch and enjoy the movie with their family, if the price of the tickets are huge.

When the ticket prices are high, people tend to look for the alternatives. And the alternatives in this case are, the pirated Videocassettes, VCD and DVD of the movie. If your esteemed production house can use your good offices and can make the movie affordable, the general public will be more interested to watch the movie at the big screen than at the idiot box at home.

We,, would like to make this humble request to the grand old production house of Tamil Cinema to keep the interest of those hard working people and also to help diverting them from going for the "alternatives", by reducing the ticket prices that will be affordable as per the government regulations.

Email was sent to AVM on 18 July 2007

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