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Sivaji fever grip in Middle East
(Thursday, 21st June 2007)

SIVAJI has created many records not only in Tamilnadu, but in almost all the foreign countries. 

The biggest surprise is the GCC countries in which Sivaji has been received in a very grand manner and the tickets are not available for another one week. We are in constant touch with all the theatres across and we are getting the answer that they never witnessed this kind of response for any movie and the tickets are selling like hot pancakes, even after a week time, which is definitely a rarest of rare phenomenon. 

The happenings here in UAE are tremendous. There was a huge expectation for Sivaji and it was visible from the celebration that took place in all the theatres, where Sivaji was released. People standing outside the theatre, for their show, were shouting and becoming restless when the previous show was running inside the theatre. The theatre authorities in Sharjah were forced to call the police to control the crowd. People with their families thronged the theatres like attending their family marriage or some other festivals. Its not only the Tamil population, who are waiting to see the movie but people from different parts of the world are coming to watch the movie just to know why there is so much of talks about this movie in particular and why so many people are rushing to get their tickets. 

We really enjoyed watching the movie here in UAE and it is distinctly evident from the attached photographs and video clips. One of our members Mr.Siva has sent few snaps from Abu Dhabi showing the crowd in Eldarado Theatre at Abu Dhabi. It was never seen crowd for any movie till now. Also attached are pictures showing celebration in Concorde Theatre at Sharjah. It has a huge seating capacity of 00+ and it is full for another one week. We also heard from neighbouring countries of GCC that the response is very good, encouraging and overwhelming, especially Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. 

In Kuwait, the movie was houseful for a week through advance booking, which is unheard in any movie history. They expect that Sivaji will run for more than a month in all GCC countries like UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.  

Attached is also a photograph, which is definitely new to Dubai because of two reasons. 

1. The board shows only 5 tickets per head / person 

2. Ticket price AED 30/- per ticket 

They normally issue any number of tickets, but then they were forced to reduce the no. of tickets per person to 5, due to the heavy demand. 

Normally the ticket price is only AED or Dhs.20/-, but on seeing the tremendous demand from the day of release of Audio Cassette / CD, they have revised the price to AED / Dirhams 30/-, only for SIVAJI. 

First of its kind in the history of UAE, even the advance booking is full and even on weekdays, all shows are full. Believe it people, I am talking about UAE (Middle East), a Gulf Country and not about any other place. All this can happen for the one and only man, OUR SUPERSTAR.

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