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Exercise caution in matters of religion: Rajinikanth on Sabarimala issues
(Sunday, 21st October 2018)

Even as Sabarimala continues to remain tense over the issue of women’s entry, actor-politician Superstar Rajinikanth on Saturday made his first comments since the Supreme Court’s verdict last month. Speaking to reporters at the Chennai airport on his return from the shooting of Petta, Rajinikanth said we should respect the unique religious traditions of each temple.  

"There is no contradictory opinion on women having equal rights. But when it comes to temple, each will have its own set of beliefs and traditions that have been followed over the years. It is my humble opinion that nobody should interfere in those," he said. A journalist then asked whether this means the SC judgment must be ignored, to which he said, "I am not saying that we must not ignore it, but in issues concerning religion and rituals, caution must be exercised."

Rajinikanth also responded to other issues occupying the news space including the ‘Me Too’ movement. “Me Too movement supports women. But it must not be misused. They must use it in the correct way,” he said. When asked about the allegations of sexual harassment against poet and lyricist Vairamuthu, Rajinikanth said he has denied the accusations. Rajinikanth said, "Vairamuthu has denied them, saying such an incident has never occurred and that he has proof of the same. He has also said women can file cases."

Explicitly asked if Rajinikanth was a supporter of the movement, the star said, "It's definitely good for women. It should be used properly."

Denying rumours that an announcement about his political party will be made on his birthday December 12, Rajinikanth said that though 90% of the work for the party is complete, there will not be an announcement on his birthday.

“I will announce about the party at the auspicious time,” he said.

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R. Prasanna,Madurai
Sunday, 21st October 2018 at 12:03:01

Please tamil write

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