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Superstar Rajini paid tribute to actor Nagesh
(Saturday, 31st January 2009)

Veteran Tamil movie actor comedian Cyril K Nagesh, popularly known as Nagesh, died on Saturday, a family source said. He was 77.

Nagesh was suffering from diabetes and a heart ailment, the family member said. He is survived by three sons, including actor Anand Babu.

Nagesh acted in about 1,000 films and is most remembered for his role in Thiruvilayaadal.

Nagesh also known as B Gunddu Rao born on September 27, 1933, was a veteran Indian comedian actor in Kollywood. Even today his name evokes a mixed response in the minds of Tamil filmgoers, not just as a comedian who had them rolling in the aisles, but also as a character artiste who moved them to tears with his sensitive performance in films like Neer Kumizhi, Yarukkaga Azhuthan and Edhir Neechal.

Thalaivar paid his last repect to Nagesh this morning.

Lets see what our Thalaivar says about actor Nagesh which was telecasted in Vijay TV few back.

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Tuesday, 3rd February 2009 at 02:07:55

MR. Nagesh sir soul will be wit us for sure.
by gods grace i happen to meet Nagesh sir few years bk in one function n he whole heartly blessed me.iam sure for all my betterment inlife is because of these gud souls who blessed me ..
iam g88888888888 fan of our thalaivar

nicholas samuel,malaysia
Sunday, 1st February 2009 at 09:22:10

It is time for all of our fans to pay tribute to Nagesh. He is one of the best comedian actors in Tamil cinema. I really liked the way thailavar acted with nagesh in thillu mullu. we are going to miss this legegendary commedian and actor nagesh.


srinivasan,india chennai
Sunday, 1st February 2009 at 05:10:08

super uour spetch
Saturday, 31st January 2009 at 18:31:51

Hi Guys,
Even though the below comments is not regarding the article, i wished to give my comments...if you see our Thalaivar speech, he openly accepts that, he had been drunk that day and how he stood in front of Balachandar sir and also from that day onwards, he has not drunk while in make up.

What a great shows his respect for his profession and for his GURU....have to learn a lot from him......

Great thalaivaa...very very happy and proud....

Saturday, 31st January 2009 at 18:28:45

Yeh, its indeed a very sad news for the Tamil Industry. WE lost a very good character artist.
He was such a nice man respected by every one in the Film industry.

On behalf of and also on behalf of our Thalaivar.....our HEART FELT condolences to Nagesh sir and his Family members......

As our Thalaivar has said......he is an legend.
Pray to GOD to make his soul to rest in Peace.


Saturday, 31st January 2009 at 12:25:47

Who can ever forget Mr. Nagesh's Roles with thalaivar in movies like thillu mullu and padiakathavan. Rest in Peace Sir, you will never be forgotten.
Rajesh kumar,BE,india,trichy
Saturday, 31st January 2009 at 11:49:55

I was shocked when i saw the TV, The Great Legend has passed away...It is a great loss for Our Country...My heart felt extremly Bad...May his Soul Rest In Peace...
Saturday, 31st January 2009 at 10:46:24

hi all
mr.nagesh is very good comedian its a huge loss for film industry.he is a legend

my super star got his blessings form 1st film its self.realy today i'm very sad


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