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முதன் முதலாக நம்பியார் தலைமையில் ரஜினி சபரிமலைக்குச் சென்றார்
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எனக்கு குரு தலைவர்தான். இதை எங்கும் சொல்வேன்..
ரஜினியின் இமேஜை உச்சிக்கு கொண்டு சென்ற படங்கள்
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நீங்கள் எதிர் பார்க்கும் முடிவை அவர் எடுத்து விட முடியாது

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If God proposes we can start party - Rajini speech during fans meet
(Monday, 3rd November 2008)

This is the day where our honorable super star is going to change for the sake of his fans. This is like New Bhagavad Gita. Today was the day where Rajini met all his fans corporation wise. In morning at 7:00 clock some 10 marriages were done and fans gathered with huge amount. Police protection was severe and after the inspection of Sathya naryana and some senior fan officials all the fan members were permitted. Ten members were permitted from each corporation and they were asked to gather in the stage. All these members were introduced to Rajini by Sathya Naryana. These members had a face to face discussion with Rajini. One separate chair was there and it had one banner besides the chair. The matter written in that Banner was

 Ã¢â‚¬Å“Do your duty and expect the resultsâ€Â. Then we had the photo of MahaAvatar Babaji decorated with flowers. Each members were allowed to ask questions with the help of moderator named Sudhakar. Questions related to Politics were beautifully answered by Rajini. His answers proved for the present situation in the country you need a leader of his sort.


Question: What is the reason behind this meeting?

Rajini: You wanted to meet me which was your Desire and I also wanted to meet you which was my desire also. This is the reason. Some 300 to 400 persons wants to take photo graph with me which I cannot do anything. One time lord Sachida Nanda asked his disciples what do you want to ask? Please ask and let me answer. That is what it is happening here.


Question: Do we get any recognition as Rajini Fans?

Rajini: In society I will make you to get recognition.


Question: What is the plan for your future?

Rajini: First see your Family. My plan for future is the movie Enthiran only.


Question: From regional fan association people will there be any plans to help the society?

Rajini: Money and people cannot be brought together. If it is brought then it will lead to politics. Don’t expect money from me and what ever you are able to do do it to your best. I am also helping to the maximum extent I can do.


Question: How will Enthiran movie be?

Rajini: It will be one of the best movies in the world and best movie from India


Question: In your home town krishnagiri will you built a monument in name of you parents?

Rajini: Rajini became astonished after seeing this question and he immediately asked to the fans who asked this question.. Immediately a fan from Krishnagiri named Karthik stood up where he was appreciated by Rajini. He told that fan you have told good message where I have to think about it.


Question: What was the reason behind the flop of Kuselan and for that movie have you got 25 crores?

Rajini: In that Pooja of the movie itself I told my role categorically to everybody. Director Vasu enhanced my role. I told not to give Telgu distribution rights and we ourselves can release the movie. This they did not obey and they sold it for 6o crores which also told not to do. What is my mistake here? The message that has come that I got 25 crores is absolutely wrong.


Question:  First Ragavendra next Lord Siva and at last Babaji like that you have been changing gods. From Basic we want to know whether you have proper vision or not?


Rajini: Laughed and told Hindu to Christian, Christian to Muslim conversion is wrong. This itself we cannot say it is hundred percentage wrong. In out studies we have different subjects like History, Geography and Maths. This subjects widens our knowledge and similarly the heart which searches peace in name of spirituality also widens our knowledge. There is no mistake in this and as per my wish I am following this.


Question : What is your opinion of the people who do fans related work?

Rajini: About my fans I need not talk. The people themselves know and you please ass this question to Some other people.


Question: Some magazines say you are confusing person  where if we read it we feel bad? What is the reason behind it?

Rajini: By having Journalist if you ask question like this what is this? In some time what ever we do it is like that. Everything we learn is through experience. We don’t have any intention that if we do this we will get this. If I think that is right I do it. After doing if I see in another angle it makes me difficult. They can say me as a confusing person bit I don’t say or do anything with selfishness.

 If I read some news it makes me to Laugh and think. Recently when I gave my last message many said I confused bit if I would have not told it would have led to many confusions where you people have to understand. For some people I had to adjust. Those people are silent and now I am also silent.


Question: In hognekkal issue some said you asked sorry which was published in news? What happened truly and you please say that?

Rajini: Laughing I want to go forward but you are always pushing me backward. Ok since you have asked let me tell you. Hognekkal issue was not concerned with cinema at all . On any issue in Karnataka they will target only theatres. To ask that issue I appeared  in that group. You all know how they talked and hence I got little bit emotional and use the word that they can be beaten. I would have told people who are not interested to give water should be beaten then the matter would have been resolved.  At that time it was the release of Kuselan where Karnataka distributors and fans met me with arms and ammunitions. Yedurappa promised that he would give protection to theatres.

Moreover if one problem starts it should end and we should push that problem further. I just expressed my regret and never asked sorry. 


Do your Duty and Expect the Results:

Again I stress you please concentrate on your Family. I have been a good husband to my wife, Good father to my daughters and good actor to my producers which have been my duty. This I am doing it correctly. Similarly you also perform your duty. Do your duty and expect the results and that is what my policy. Regarding politics if one wins and we say it is because of his hard work and intelligence he has won then that is totally baseless.

Opportunity, time and position are the reason behind the man success in politics. If we turn upside down when our time is not good we cannot do anything. In 1996 the situation was different. Just I had to go and sit in the chair which was expected. It would be some body winning and myself occupying the chair. We should have intelligence and experience in any field. Without knowing we should not drop our legs. Look before you leap. When I had money problems I joined film institute and learnt the art properly and then I came to act. Without knowing I will not do anything. Right know no state is good not only Tamil Nadu but also the entire India. God is there let us see. Rajini said bye to his fans and asked his fans to have lunch and go. To cover this function some 200 journalist have come.

- Sanganathan
Translated by : Paddy

Video Clip : Superstar Entering The Stage

Video Clip : TV News on Superstar Meeting

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