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Jaundice Vikatan - We too can conduct surveys
(Wednesday, 27th August 2008)

Due to the overwhelming response received for our Survey about JV, the survey tool could not handle the volume forcing me to find an alternative avenue. In view of this, the survey has been uploaded to a more stable & reliable tool now which is given below. There is only one catch, though. Since the responses of the previous survey tool could not be transferred to the new tool, ALL THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY PARTICIPATED IN THE SURVEY ARE REQUESTED TO AGAIN TAKE THE SURVEY. I know its an incovenience to all those people who gave an overwhelming support for this survey. But, because of the reasons above-mentioned, I humbly request all friends to ONCE AGAIN participate FOR THE SAKE OF THALAIVAR and TO SHOW THE WORLD HOW FILTHY MAGAZINES LIKE JV ARE PERCEIVED by all. I sincerely apologise for this inconvnience and request you to once again participate in the survey.

Those who are disgusted with Jaundice Vikatan (JV) and its false propaganda & one-sided survey against Rajini, can vent their ANGER against JV here. Yes Buddies, I have designed a survey exclusively for Rajini fans & other fair-minded citizens, who are disgusted with JV Group's unethical journalism.

So, what are you waiting for? GO & HAVE FUN AT THE COST OF JV.

This survey is open till 12:00 Noon IST on Sunday, 31st August, 2008.

The results of the survey will be published on the same day.


JV's Unethical Journalism - Survey Results
Once again, I Thank all the participants of this survey.

Following Take-aways can be established from this Survey:

JV/AV/MoronTV - These media group people are



(iii) FEARFUL OF POLITICIANS but report false news against Rajini without fear
(since they know that Rajini won't even rebut them - leave alone retaliate) and

(iv) TO BE TOTALLY BOYCOTTED by Rajini fans & other fair-minded citizens (due to the above reasons).

There were a total of 826 responses to "JV's Unethical Journalism - A Survey".

Now on to the individual Survey responses/results (Number of responses to each option is given within brackets):

1. Why JV is portraying Rajini's clarification as "apology" to Karnatka?

Invoke Rajini's name & increase its circulation - 61% (502)
Create enmity & hatred against rajini in TN in order to tarnish his public image - 30% (251)
To show its loyalty to its "Moronic" masters - 9% (73)

2. By such false reporting, JV's image has

Started falling - 32% (265)
Reached rock-bottom - 31% (257)
Alwyas an Yellow Magazine - 37% (304)

3. Recent attack by JV/AV on Rajini is due to

Opportunism to arrest the slide in their circulation - 56% (461)
To help "Moronic" masters for their long-term nefarious desings - 26% (217)
Vengence against Rajini for not giving any interview to them - 18% (148)

4. Who is smart in using Rajini's name without his permission to increase circulation & profit?

Jaundice Vikatan (JV) - 64% (530)
AndaPulugu Vikatan - 18% (148)
Moron TV - 18% (148)

5. Why JV/AV is FEARFUL of taking on politicians?

Being burnt alive - 48% (392) (Is Dinakaran episode still fresh in people's memory?)
Auto-rickshw attack - 28% (233)
Acid attack - 24% (201)

6. Does JV/AV Group have any journalistic ethics or morality?

Had it till its founder-owners controlled it - 43% (358)
Never had - 29% (236)
No - 28% (232)

7. Are they (JV/AV) capable of practicing ethical journalism?

No - 48% (402)
Present "Moron" masters will NOT allow - 27% (220)
Yellow Journos can't practice ethical journalism - 25% (204)

8. Why public perceive the "present" JV/AV group as Yellow Magazines?

Personal attacks on celebrities like Rajini to gain circulation & to avenge personal grudges - 48% (396)
Since they are practicing unethical/immoral ways - 37% (306)
Vested interests are controlling their editorial independence - 15% (124)

9. How come still this JV/AV group enjoy some good-will from the public?

Due to their past under founder-owners - 55% (451)
People don't care - 30% (254)
People don't know the behind-the-scenes shenanigans - 15% (121)

10. Best way for Rajini fans & others to retaliate against these morons

Boycott JV/AV Group of Publications (incl. their TV serials) - 47% (333+57)
Additionally, also Boycott Moron TV Group - 53% (436)

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