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Rare Video of Rajinikanth show in Singapore from the year 1992 goes viral
(Friday, 24th December 2021)

Superstar Rajinikanth has always had a separate fan base that has been built over the years that has both love and respect for him. It could even be said that he is one actor that attracts audiences of all ages, let it be a millennial or Gen Z or a boomer. His movies have made his fans admire his style and acting irrespective of genre.

On Dec 20, Rajinikanth has surfaced as a social media trend with a rare throwback video that emerged showing him speaking in a show that was held in Singapore in 1992.

In the video that is doing rounds, the actor addressed his fans and shared his life experiences. We could also hear the loud cheers of the fans in Singapore that welcomed and showered love on him.

In his speech, Rajini stated that he was a simple person and worked as a bus conductor, office boy, carpenter, and did other menial jobs before entering the film industry. He noted that he came from a poor background and wanted to become rich, but he never expected to become an actor. The actor also shared that he went through a tough time in life and how dejected and depressed he was at one point in time. He also shared a hilarious pun about Indian politics with the audience which received applause from every corner.


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