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நானே ஒன்ஸ்மோர் போடச் சொன்ன பாட்டு அதுமட்டும்தான் - அபிராமி ராமநாதன்
ரசிகருக்கு இன்ப அதிர்ச்சி தந்த ரஜினி!
எஸ்பி முத்துராமன் இல்ல திருமண விழாவில் தலைவர் சூப்பர் ஸ்டார்!
ரஜினியின் ரசிகர் மட்டுமல்ல, வெறியன் மட்டுமல்ல, அதற்கும் மேலே
ரஜினிக்கு பிடித்த தலைவர் லீ க்வான் யூ காலமானார்
Lingaa 100 days celebrations by Rajinikanth Fans at Albert Theater
லிங்கா பட பிச்சைக்கார்ர்கள் தொல்லையில் இருந்து தமிழ் சினிமா தப்பித்தது
நாமெல்லாம் நண்பர் T.V. ராஜேஷ்க்கு மிகவும் கடமைப்பட்டு இருக்கிறோம்
A Tamil short film inspired by the words of Legendary Super Star Rajinikanth
Rajinikanth 34th Wedding Anniversary special event by Thalaivar Foundation

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Chandramukhi historical records - 10th year special
(Tuesday, 14th April 2015)

CHANDRAMUKHI defined the word ‘blockbuster’ for Tamil Cinema (2005).Smashing the hurdles, Chandramukhi became the ‘Saadhanai Mukhi’.

Thalaiavar movies which were called ‘flop’, Even those movies collections were ahead of some heroes super hit movie’s collections. If a Rajni movie is a blockbuster, It means the history is re written, Every Blockbuster Rajni movie will have a memory that will stand forever. After PADAIYAPPA’S earth shattering victory, Tamil Cinema had no big blockbusters for 5 years,
CHANDRAMUKHI’S ferocious entry fed the Tamil Cinema with a blockbuster feast and made the Bollywood look to the South, Chandramukhi shut the mouth of the head weight demons.

There were many stars in the industry who were happy as they thought ‘BABA’ flopped, Rajni is gone. Here on I’m the Superstar’

Thalaivar celebrated the success party of CHANDRAMUKHI before the movie released and also gave an open statement in the audio function that he is not an elephant, but a horse which will get up fast when it falls. His words came true, Chandramukhi went ahead for 804 days. RECORD BREAK.

‪#Chandramukhi‬ Records, We just took it out from the history to share on this 10th year anniversary, READ AND SHARE smile emoticon
#Chandramukhi is the first South Indian movie to touch 50, 75 crores and equal Bollywood movies’ collections.
#Chandramukhi is the only movie to run 100days in maximum theatres. 100days in 156 theatres.
#Chandramukhi is the movie which ran for the highest number of days in Tamil Cinema History - Solid 891 days.
#Chandramukhi is the only movie after ‪#‎Basha‬ which ran for 1 year, Nearly after 10 years.
#Chandramukhi is the only movie to run 1 year in Andhra Pradesh. (‘Hyderabad’ Prasath Multiiplex)
#Chandramukhi is the only movie to run 100 days in maximum screens in Srilanka.
#Chandramukhi is the first movie is to run 75 days in 200+ theatres and 50 days in 250+ theatres in Tamil Cinema History.
#Chandramukhi is the only tamil movie to run 100 days in Mumbai after Padaiyappa.
(Arora theatre).
#Chandramukhi is the first movie to run 100 days in Singapore (Golden Village Cinemas)
#Chandramukhi is the first movie to run 100 days in South Africa. (Sinekaar Cinemas)
#Chandramukhi is the first tamil movie to be screened in Germany.
#Chandramukhi is the only Indian movie which kicked even Malai movies to get a place ‘Top 10 Box Office” in Malaysia 2005.
#Chandramukhi is the only movie to run 100 days in 6 theatres in Chennai city as regular shows (4days per show), Similar record in all parts of Tamil Nadu.
#Chandramukhi is the only movie in the past 20 years to run for 25 weeks Silver Jubilee.
#Chandramukhi also got a place in top 43 best movies selected by the Indian Government 2005, Indian Govt planned to screen these 43 movies in foreign countries and develop brotherhood between the countries.

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