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Rajinikanth Backs Vishwaroopam, Appeals to Muslim Groups
(Friday, 25th January 2013)

25 January 2013

Backing actor-director Kamal Haasan, Tamil superstar Rajinikanth today spoke against a complete ban of his controversial movie Vishwaroopam and appealed to his "Muslim brothers" to end the impasse through talks.

The 'Enthiran' star described Haasan as his 40-year friend and said he knew him as a person who does not hurt anybody.

"The fact that Kamal Haasan held a special screening of the movie to Muslim brothers meeting their demand despite being cleared by the Censor Board shows his respect for the community," Rajinikanth said in a statement here.

He said he his heart went out for his peer for the hardships faced by Haasan in investing around Rs 100 crore towards production of the movie.

"Kamal is not an ordinary artiste. He is a great artiste who had taken Tamil cinema to the global level. I request my Muslim brothers to factor in this and change their stand of demanding for a complete ban.

"I request them to help him in releasing the film by having talks with him upon his return (from the US) and by making corrections to the film without affecting its storyline," he said while extending his Meelad-un-Nabi greetings.

Tamil Nadu government has banned screening of the film for two weeks following protests from Muslim groups who alleged that the community was depicted in a bad light in the movie, prompting Haasan to move the court.

The Madras High Court had yesterday stayed the release of the film till January 28, with the Judge scheduled to watch the film on Saturday.

Rajinikanth is said to share a good rapport with Kamal Haasan, who has reportedly invested around Rs 100 crore towards production of the movie, which has now started receiving rave reviews on the internet and micro-blogging sites following its release in some countries.

Facebook was abuzz with fans lavishing praise on the Haasan, with filmbuffs residing in countries like Malaysia speaking high of the film.

Rajinikanth, who has appeared with Haasan in many films including his debut film "Aboorva Ragangal" way back in the 1970s, said that he has known Kamal, a friend of 40 years, as someone who does not hurt others, in a reference to the Muslim groups' charge that depiction of Islam in the film hurt them.

Meanwhile, In Ramanathapuram M H Jawahirullah, MLA and President, Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, said the "screening of the film should be banned permanently".

He also thanked Tamil Nadu government for banning the film for 15 days.


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