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Superstar at Vivek Solli Adippen Audio Launch
(Sunday, 3rd December 2006)

I was really thrilled to shoot for Shankar's Sivaji. I felt the same way I did, when I acted in my mentor K Balachander's movies said Rajinikanth, while speaking on the occasion of releasing the audio of Solli Adippen.

Taking part in the audio release of Vivek's Solli Adippen at Sathyam Cinemas on Saturday, Rajinikanth said, "Vivek is a good comedian with vast knowledge. Acting with him in Sivaji was a great experience."

Rajinikanth thanked Balachander for giving him a break in cinema and also Shankar, for casting him in Sivaji.

Balachander urged Vivek to continue doing comedy roles though he has graduated to a hero. It was KB who introduced Vivek to the big screen.

Speaking on the occasion, director Shankar said, "Sivaji would be a hilarious entertainer with Vivek and Rajinikanth at their comical best. He said plans are on to produce a movie starring Vivek in the lead role. “I am waiting for a good script" Shankar said.

Earlier, the first copy of the audio cassette of Solli Adippen was released by Balachander and was received by Rajinikanth. The audio CD was released by Rajinikanth and received by Shankar.

Tamil Film Producers Association president Ramanarayanan, music director Deva, producer S K Krishnakanth, director Ramki Ramakrishnan and actress Chaya Singh were present on the occasion.

Fan's Narration before the function

Friends, I had again that golden opportunity to see Thalaivar again yesterday during Solli Adippaen Audio release.

Since I had some urgent works in office I couldn’t afford to pull of a leave or little more permission. Thereby I decided just to have a glimpse of thalaivar and slip away.

Me, with some LIC Unit friends including Narayanan, Sridhar were waiting outside the Sathyam Complex by 9.45 am itself.

A few cops were busy controlling the traffic outside the theatre in the road.

From the pavement upto the hall entrance there was a redcarpet where VIPs walked on it to enter the hall. I know that the red carpet is there only for thalaivar. VIPs started pouring in and minutes is passing by.

We were discussing about the attire and what would be the speech of thalaivar.

By 10.10 the area where we waiting became somewhat paraparappu. I know that thalaivar would be coming soon there.

10.12am : You know all the VIP cars were allowed upto the pavement only and they got out of car and walked to the hall in the red carpet.  One of our friend told that thalaivar won't walk in this busy place and his car will straight away make way upto the hall where the path is slightly slanting.

10.15 am: Our three friends went inside as the time passed and the hall would be full if delayed and myself alone was waiting outside to receive thalaivar.

10.16: Suddenly cops came and arranged the mob and others who were there and brought somewhat orderliness. Only a few they are aware that thalaivar will be coming there.

10.19:Theatre manager and others suddenly started running outside and cops were busy and cops became busy.

10.20 : Superstar's white ambassador came like thunder driving over the red carpet upto the entrance.

Many othere who were there guessing that who could it be? Thalaivar got down like a flash.

You know  I just wanted to have a glimpse. But the moment I saw thalaivar “ I don't know what happened to me “ I shouted and screamed “SUPERSTAR VAZGHA“ the moment I shouted the slogan – each and everybody started shouting SUPERSTAR VAZGHA├é┬Ł and there was a heavy rush generated within a fraction of seconds.

Superstar just took a few seconds to enter the hall entrance.

But even in that fraction of seconds – he didn’t fail to waive his hands to the surrounding crowd and fans and mob and also put a traditional vanakkam to all of us. The one who superstar waives is hands is none other than me – bcos I was almost jumping and shouting the slogan. You know he almost waived and wished all of us three times.

That is Superstar.

Friends who were inside the auditorium later at the noon called me and narrated the event. And that is another story. I will reveal you later.

If someother star were in that place – they simply would have gone inside the hall without understanding the feeling of all us.

Herewith I have attached the exclusive pics of the event which was taken on behalf of




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