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Online poll. does it really matter as to who wins?
(Thursday, 16th November 2006)


Today when I came to our forum, I only see posts requesting to vote either with the IBN-CNN, Vijay TV or with the Behindwoods.

Before you post/vote, ask yourself, does it really matter as to who wins? Will it prove anything to the world, due to these voting?

Many of you might say - YES, it will prove our strength. Though, you might have a valid point, ask yourself, whether will this be the last poll that will be conducted on internet?

Irrespective of who the winner is, these polls really do not translate as what the majority wants/thinks. If you all remember, before every election such polls appear and most of the times, the winner shown on the internet, doesn't really win the election! If you do not believe me, ask any politician about it.

Reason? Majority of the population doesn't use internet. And the majority who uses internet doesn't give a thought to participate on polls. So, you are evaluating only a "small minority" who really bother to participate. Does that reflect the real mood or predict anything?

You have the answer by now. If you still doesn't get it, go ahead and cast your vote!


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