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Singapore Rajinifans meeting. Minutes and photos available
(Sunday, 19th November 2006)

Venue: New Woodlands hotel, Serangoon Road, Singapore
Date : 18 November 2006 (Friday)
Time : 7pm

We had a good meet with 11 fans and they are as follows:

1. Shajahan (Moderator)
2. Dharma ( Auditor)
3. Jai (Special Correspondent)
4. Hari
5. Vignesh
6. Sugunah (Miss)
7. Siva
8. Surya
9. Sri Dhar
10. Vijay
11. Fan name unknown

Some key points raised during the meet.

1. Member Jai felt Rajini should  have clarified his stand about politics long back and clearly announced his decision, so as to have given a better picture, to fans hopeful of his political entry. Member Shiva argued against it and other members also gave their view points and as this discussion was getting know where food were ordered and we had Chapati, Idly, Vada and Coffee to further debate on this issue. Conclusion was that Rajini is a good human being, better suited to entertain the fans and general public and does his charity and welfare activities privately-All agreed with this.

2. Moderator Sha outlined plans for Rajini's Birthday including whether to give ad in local papers.After discussions it was dropped, instead we have asked the fans to come up with some welfare measures to be done in Singapore

3. Members also enthusiastically discussed the plans for Shivaji,  preparations of banners, where to watch the movie, etc. Some members wanted to know the exact release date and the news item appearing in the Internet media that the date is being further postponed.It was decided that this be left for AVM/Shankar/Rajini to  formally announce rather than  members speculating on the date.

4. Then the issue of Internet polls were debated and how the stars fans were manipulating entries to make their star look better.Sha was checking with software expert Hari, if we could do some thing like that to vote, manipulate and make Rajini win in the Vijay tv Awards and later announce to all that we have actually manipulated and all these kind of voting are not worthwhile and we did it just to prove a point.However, after some discussions this issue was dropped.

5. Few members suggested to Sha that all kind of poll messages should be banned and a message to be sent to group on this.Sha said he would consult with Ramki and Nattu and revert back.

6. Members also debated Rajini not meeting fans and he only meets if you are from Japan or Spain.Consensus agreement was that he should meet up.I defended this saying this would involve security concerns and also created unwanted publicity and the tv chanels would rake in the issue with some Spl programmes and people would start flocking in from different parts of the world.We felt he should give a write up in media addressing the fans and that is the very least that can be done.

7. Our Spl corr Prince Raj could not make it due to some last minute official appointment.

8. Members discussed as to what ways in which the Singapore team can do welfare activities apart from donations and some members like Sugunah, Jai were entrusted with the responsibilities of finding out about service to be done in Ramakrishna Mission house Singapore and other similar associations.

9. We also debated some unwanted issues which are not worth mentioning.

Over all it was a good meet and our Moderator Sha, was very pleased with the response for this meet.

Minutes written by : Dharma

Photos by : Vijay

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