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Why Rajini rules? - Maalai Malar excellent full page article
(Wednesday, 7th May 2008)

Have you ever wondered: Why Rajini always rules?

Have you ever analysed: Why fans are so crazy about him?

Have you ever asked yourself: Why you are a fan to him?

Do you know: Why Tamil Nadu people adulate him so much?

Do you know How much the punch dialogues that Rajini utters on screen, influences people?

Japan team's research
A Japanese team lead by a woman called Myang Doo visited Tamil Nadu very often and conducted survey among 64,000 people regarding Superstar Rajini and his qualities and people's affection towards him. The survey has been conducted secretly for more than 3 years. Now they have published the results which are mind blowing.

Please have a look at this Maalai Malar full page scanning of 4/05/2008 Chennai CITY edition.

Note1: Those who are able to read Tamil, are requested to read the Tamil version below as it ROCKS.

Note2: We thank Mr.Sharath Kannan for translating this wonderful article for those who can't read Tamil. Kudos to him!!

Click the image to ZOOM and READ. For English Translation, pls see  below this image.


Why Rajini rules? - Japanese Team finds out!
Podhuvaga Em manasu thangam!

Rajinikanth - the one who has created an image for himself, through Tamil Cinema, in the hearts of the common man. He is fondly called "Superstar" by everyone.

Whatever Rajini does, it becomes news
Whatever Rajini does, it becomes news. Even his silence becomes worth a discussion topic.

It can be said that nowhere in the world an actor is as keenly watched or followed as Rajini is!

Why there is so much craze for Rajini? For Tamil cinema goer the word "Rajini" is a chant. Whats the reason?


The research
A Japanese team has secretly done a research on these factors.

Led by a lady, Myang Doo, a team of 12 visited Tamil Nadu frequently for the past 3 years and talked about Rajini with thousands of people here and have returned to Japan.

What common people think about Rajini? How could Rajini acheive this influence? - the team has collected a huge data on these questions.

Reel life is also real life
From the answers for these questions it has been found that the humility and sincerity Rajini depicts in his reel life are also found in his real life and this has attracted the common man towards him.

About 75% of the people questioned have said that at no point of time Rajini was dishonest. They see him as a true straightforward person who speaks his mind.

This team has met about 64,000 people in Tamil Nadu and spoke in great detail about Rajinikanth with them.

Tamil film stories were the reason to create this kind of image in the minds of the people.

Rajini has always portrayed himself as a do-gooder, innocent or childlike. But, at the same time he opposes the bad guys and conspirers however influential they are. These kind of stories and the dialogues in his movies have had a reat impact on the people.

On this note, many people have expressed their opinion on the song in "Murattu Kaalai" - 'Pothuvaaga en manasu thangam, oru poattiyendru vanthu vittaal singam. Naan unmaiye solvaen, nanmaiye seiven' (Generally I am man of golden heart, but when it comes to competition I am a lion. I will always speak the truth, I will always do only good). This song was rated as the number one song to the research team.

Punch dialogues - a souce of inspiration


59% of the people met have said that Rajini's punch dialogues are a source of inspiration.

Though the women folk love Rajini movies for being jolly type and entertaining, a majority of them rate MGR as the best.

Researchers say that, more than all the factors mentioned before, Rajini's 'style' has had maximum impact on his fans. This is also the major factor for Rajini to capture the hearts of children.

Rajini's affection towards 'mother' in his movies has created a lot of respect for him in people's mind.

Simplicity = Rajini
About 62% of the people met have spoken highly about Rajini's simplicity. The people have opined that, inspite of having immense riches, Rajini moves around in a very simple manner and alos utlises his money for good and charitable purposes.

Rajini should advise
41% of the people have said that the opinions, suggestions or advice voiced by Rajini are of very high value. They also wish that Rajini should give more such advice to the society and youngsters.

He has not exploited his influence on the people
86% of the people feel proud that though Rajini could have entered politics long back and could have become the Chief Minister of the state, he has not exploited his influence on the people.

37% of the people are also disappointed because of Rajini not entering politics. They feel that if Rajini had entered politics, the poor would have had a better life and the unlawful elements would have been brought to book.

53% of the people have praised Rajini for his courage in public life. They opine that "Rajini is a person who is not afraid of anything, but at the same time very innocent person."

We watch his movies for sure. However it is!
74% of the people have said that they do not think whether a Rajini movie will be good or bad. They will surely watch it. They attribute this to Rajini residing in their hearts as a good person who is beyond cinema.

The researchers who collected these information and much more were in a big 'shock' at the end of their study.

The reason being - not even a single person spoke ill about Rajini! No one has voiced any protest or questioned Rajini!

How could one person exist who is liked by everyone? Perhaps Rajini or even the Almighty might not be able to answer their question!

- Translation by Sharath Kannan

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dicky moodley,south africa
Thursday, 21st May 2009 at 14:03:06

rajini will alway be in our hearts,for he has created great love towards mankind.being miles away from superstar,just to watch his movies,creates such a sensation of love and joy within us -as fans.

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