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Actor Dhanush on Polladhavan Movie and Rajinikanth
(Thursday, 22nd November 2007)

After Rajinikanth's much hyped film Sivaji it's the turn of his son-in-law Dhanush to come up with his own hit - Polladhavan.

The movie has been named after an old Rajinikanth song and based on the Italian classic Bicycle Thief.

In an exclusive interview to NDTV, the talented actor talked about his latest film, his upcoming remake and Rajinikanth as a doting grandfather.

NDTV: The original song Polladhavan festured your father in law. Did that put pressure on you?

Dhanush: Off course, we were really scared, we didn't know how to handle the pressure.

NDTV: You are competing with Billa which is also the remake of original Billa. So, which do you think will get your father in law's nod?

Dhanush: I think it should be Polladhavan because Billa is the exact remake. We did the old Billa in new way. But in Polladhavan we have just used the title, the entire story is different.

NDTV: Have you grown out of Rajinikanth's shadow?

Dhanush: It is not easy to grow out of Rajinikanth's shadow because he is too big. He is the King of south Indian cinema, it is not so easy and also it is too soon. May be after 10-15 years I am able to achieve that.

NDTV: Does your son enjoy watching your films or his grandfather's films?

Dhanush: He enjoys his grandfather's films more .. He considers himself as junior Rajinikanth. He likes his songs more, he likes his style and he is more attached to him than me.

NDTV: You plan to do remixes?

Dhanush: I hate doing remixes, I don't see anything fresh in it. I feel that I don't have much to do in the film.

Source : NDTV

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