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Rajinikanth greeting cards to his fan clubs
(Tuesday, 23rd October 2007)

The greetings was from one of thousands of greetings sent by Superstar for Tamil New year. The year impression is not clear in the postal seal. But it is believed it was during 1984 or 85.

Interesting happenings

There's an interesting happenings behind this invitation.

Pookadai Natarajan was Rajini fans club president that time. All registered fan clubs used to receive circular from Head Office regarding Movie tokens, tickets, photo session with Superstar and all.

Suddenly one day Superstar decided to send Tamil New Year Greetings (Unmaiyana Thamizhanappa!!) to all registered fan club members and sent them through post.

Returned to Rajini himself

After a few days it was found about 30 to 40% of the cards returned to Rajini himself denoting there was no such address or the addressee has vacated the house.

When Superstar enquired this, it was found that some fan club members gave bogus address just to get the movie release tokens and other privileges.

Sathy sir replaced Pookadai Natarajan

Superstar felt very uneasy. As he already had some disappointments with Pookadai Natarajan he removed him from the post and Sathyanarayana came to his place.

Superstar directed him to revamp the total fan clubs so as to eliminate the duplicate and dummy members. So, Sathyanarayana announced that all then existing fan clubs have to register again and the previous registrations stand cancelled.

Is it possible to issue lakhs of FDFS tickets to all?

Again fresh registrations was carried out and it was going smoothly upto 1990-1991. Now the registered fan clubs totaled for more than 45,000 where each club would have atleast 10 to 20 members.

This  resulted in severe chaos in issuing Tokens for release day tickets as everybody wanted to see FDFS. How could it will be possible to issue lakhs of FDFS tickets to all? So, to put a full stop to this menace issuing registration numbers to all mandrams was stopped and it never again done.

Also this 'Stop Registration Drive' prevent persons who enter Rajini fan club in political aspirations and in calculation of Rajini's political entry.

True and sincere members

All of the fan clubs who are running and active now with registration numbers are the ones who became fans irrespective of Rajini's political entry. These members are true and sincere members.

The fan clubs who are receiving the tokens for release days today are the clubs which registered during this period alone.

Autographs, circulars, session intimation

Apart from these, Superstar used to send his photos with autographs, circulars, session intimation etc during those period.

Hmmm…..Adhu oru azahigiya kana kaaalam!!

- Sundar

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