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Sivaji movie box office reports from 50 to 75 days run
(Friday, 7th September 2007)

Thursday, August 02, 2007
கோவை : சந்திரமுகி சாதனையை முறியடித்தது சிவாஜி 40 தியேட்டரில் 50வது நாளை நெருங்குகிறது

கோவை : ரஜினி நடித்த "சிவாஜி' திரைப்படம், கோவை மாவட்டத்தில் 40 தியேட்டர்களில் 50வது நாளை நெருங்கி ஓடிக்கொண்டிருக்கிறது. சந்திரமுகி சாதனையை கடந்து, சிவாஜி இதுவரை ரூ.9 கோடி வசூல் செய்துள்ளது.ரஜினி நடித்த சிவாஜி திரைப்படம், ஜூன் 15ல் ரிலீசானது. கோவை மாவட்டத்தில் 54 தியேட்டர்களில் வெளியிடப்பட்டது. நாளை மறுநாள் சிவாஜி ரிலீசாகி 50வது நாள். கோவை மாவட்டத்தில் திரையிடப்பட்ட 54 தியேட்டர்களில், 40 தியேட்டர்களில் சிவாஜி இன்னமும் ஓடுகிறது.சிவாஜி படத்துக்காக, ஒவ்வொரு தியேட்டர் உரிமையாளரும், ரூ.3 லட்சம் முதல் ரூ.15 லட்சம் வரை முன்பணம் அளித்திருந்தனர். இப்பணம் 25 நாளிலேயே, அவர்களுக்கு திரும்ப கிடைத்துவிட்டது. அதன்பின், இதுநாள் வரை லாபமாக தியேட்டர் உரிமையாளருக்கு பணம் கொட்டிக் கொண்டுள்ளது.இதுபற்றி, "சக்தி பிலிம்ஸ்' நிர்வாகிகள் கூறியதாவது:ரஜினி நடித்த சந்திரமுகி படம் 20 தியேட்டர்களில் 50 நாட்கள் ஓடியது சாதனையாக கருதப்பட்டது. தற்போது, "சிவாஜி' 40 தியேட்டர்களில் 50 நாட்கள் ஓடுகிறது. சந்திரமுகி சாதனையை "சிவாஜி' முறியடித்துள்ளது. கோவை, திருப்பூரில் 16 தியேட்டர்களில் படம் ரிலீஸ் செய்யப்பட்டு, இன்னும் வெற்றிகரமாக ஓடிக்கொண்டுள்ளது.சந்திரமுகி 100வது நாளை தொட்டபோது, கோவை மாவட்டத்தில் ரூ.4.5 கோ வசூலானது. ஆனால், சிவாஜி படம் இப்போதே ரூ.9 கோடி வசூல் கொடுத்துள்ளது. குறைந்தபட்சம் 20 தியேட்டர்களில், சிவாஜி 100 நாட்கள் ஓடும் என எதிர்பார்க்கிறோம். சிவாஜி படம் திரையிட்ட முதல் இரண்டு வாரங்கள் திருட்டி விசிடி வரவில்லை. அதன்பின், விசிடி வந்தபோதிலும், தியேட்டர்களுக்கு பெரியளவில் பாதிப்பு ஏற்படவில்லை. படம் பிரமாண்டமாக இருப்பதால், தியேட்டரில் பார்க்கவே மக்கள் விரும்புகின்றனர். இவ்வாறு, சக்தி பிலிம்ஸ் நிர்வாகிகள் கூறினர்.

Saturday, August 04, 2007
Singapore advertisemnt for Sivaji 50th Day

Thursday, August 02, 2007
The Boss on a roll - Dubai Diary

It is yet another indication of the growing Indian influence here that Rajnikant's Sivaji continues to top the box office here, more than a month after its release. Sivaji's success has come as a shock to most locals, since for them Indian cinema so far began and ended with Bollywood. Most people simply do not know that there are thriving film industries in other parts of India as well.
'Who's this guy?' was the common refrain about Rajnikant when Sivaji was first released. The upmarket multiplexes all refused to screen the film, since they thought its audience would be confined to working class South Indians. They must be rueing their decision now, since the run down, less classy theatres, which did accept Sivaji have all, made a killing. 
It has been Rajni-mania across the Gulf for the past month. One group of Rajni fans in neighbouring Sharjah distributed tickets to Sivaji free to blue-collar workers in the vicinity, who they knew could not afford the price Dh 25 (Rs 275). Attendances in many workplaces dropped as employees played hookey during the day to watch Sivaji.

Thursday, August 02, 2007
Shivaji still rules BO after 50 days

RajiniShivaji â€" The Boss has completed 50 days in nearly 800 theatres worldwide. It was the first film to ever have 17 theatres in Chennai City and 24 theatres in the Chennai suburbs screening it. At 50 days and running, it is still rocking the city. It has beat all the new releases including Kreedom, Veerappu and about 12 Hollywood movies.

Tomorrow the film will celebrate its 50th day of running. Despite criticism from some quarters of a script that drags, Superstar Rajini's charisma has sustained the film for it to run for 50 days worldwide. He has managed to keep the Tamil audiences enthusiasm glued to the film and has thereby helped the film get a record collection at the theatres.

The most recent Box Office report is that the films collection in Chennai itself is 10 crores. The investor spent on 6.2 crores on it so far. Rajini has sen to it that the film remains in the Top 5 movies of the week. After the film come Ajith's Kreedom and Sundar C's Veerappu. Despite the fall in the number of theatres showing the film, the film still has maintained 90% collection on weekdays and 100% collection on weekends.
Kreedom has fallen slightly but has maintained its position no. 2 on the top 5 movies list. Next is the Bruce Willis thriller Die Hard. Following that is Sundar C's Veerappu. Megastar Chiranjeevi's Shankardada Zindabad got an impressive opening in Chennai this week. It was released on only two screens. It seemed to pull through despite a poor response from Telugu film audiences. Thee Nagar follows the film in the top 5 movies list


Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Shivaji - Mumbai update from Vignesh

Sivaji is 10 times bigger than chandramuki in Mumbai. BOSS was screened in 20 theaters Mumbai.
3.INOX(3 theaters)
4.adlabs (all 6 screens)
5.cinemax(some 3 screens)
6.Megraj vashi

* The movie ran in all the screens for 1st 3 weeks!!!
* 50 days in both the PVR's
* Still going very very strong in Aurora
* Every sunday it is housefull!
I went this sunday (7 th week) and it was housefull. Last week also, it was housefull. All the times, i went through black ticket only Rs60 ticket for Rs100 & Rs80 ticket for Rs150.. It would be Rs200 to Rs300 5 min's before the show starts.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Lion is back again in seattle (USA)

The movie that has rewritten history is in town again.

Released amidst a deluge of expectations, Superstar's Sivaji – The
Boss more than lived upto its billing and has already emerged as the
highest grosser in the history of Tamil cinema. The thumping success
of the movie has seen records falling like nine pins.

Now to the good news - Due to the overwhelming response and owing to
public demand, the movie has been brought back to Seattle, to
celebrate the 50 day successful world-wide run. Please join in the
celebrations and festivities, the details of which are as follows.


"Sivaji The Boss"
on Aug-11-2007, 2:00pm at


Ticket Price: $10

Tickets are available at Mayuri Videos,Redmond. Ph:425 881 6284

For online purchase visit :

Tuesday, August 07, 2007
After 50 Days in Toronto Canada

Dear Thalaivar fans

i saw the movie for the 4 th time and it's,mind blowing
Thalaivar make us happy just from the start to end of the movie
after 50 days in Toronto its running in 6 theaters.

I doubt no tamil movie ran for 50 days in toronto and also in 6 theaters.
if iam wrong correct me.

the cinema hall is full except the first two rows....

we three friend's went to the movie, but we didn't get the chance to
sit together as most of the seats are occupied already.

Now its the turn of Family audiences and they are enjoying all the scenes.

SIVAJI is rocking & ruling.

Friday, August 24, 2007
Sivaji 75th day poster : "Poo Vizhundha Poo padhai. Thalai ..."


Saturday, August 04, 2007
Box office flash 25: Sivaji's record in Aruppukottai!!

Friends, before proceeding with further info, one thing I want to clarify you all.
Why Sivaji was released in large number of theatres?
The theatre owners who bought Sivaji for record price were allowed to screen in other screens too. So, they went on a deal with other local theatres and screened the movie.
What makes news is several theatres which has never witnessed Houseful shows for months and years registered record number of Houseful shows during first week. That is the power of Boss.
Sivaji - The Boss was released in 3 theatres in Aruppukottai (This is record!!)  in Maharani dts,Rani dts,Ilayarani A/c dts which has seating capacity of 1000,600,600 consecutively.
CM released in Maharani only. It ran for 88 days. (This is record!!)  
As per pre-release agreement Sivaji was removed from Maharani after 35 days in Maharani. In Rani it was screened for 10 days.
Now let's Sivaji at Ilayarani in Aruppukottai � facts and figures and records
1. Opening day shows taken by local fan clubs. All shows reported Houseful and House over ful.
2. Show tickets priced Rs.125 & Rs.100 (This is record!!)  
3. First day first show the local club arranged Vadipatti Mela Vaadhiyam &
   sweets to fans, 108 coconut breaking.
4. For the first 8 days the ticket priced at Rs.100. (This is record!!) After that 12 days ticket prices slashed to Rs.75. (This is record!!).
5. For other films the ticket rate would be Rs.20 only after the first show screened.
6. Now the ticket priced Rs.50/-,Rs.40/- and Rs.30/-.(This is record!!) Family audience are enjoying the show with heavy claps for superb dialogues.
8. Aruppukottai city covers approximately 40 villages.
9. Recently special shows arranged by local fan club for college students & +1,+2 Students. Local club paid the amount to the theatre and took the show. Ilayarani. They are enjoyed watching the movie with thier college mates.
10. Sivaji 30 days collection in 3 theatres Rs.45 to 50 lakhs. (According to sources - since theatres hesitate to reveal figures)
11. Theatre management expects that the film would easily cross 100 days run in Aruppukottai, thereby creating a new record in this town.
12. The Sound effect is being increased for second half since there is lots of scenes to whistle and clap. 


Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Surprising scene at 60th day show in AVM Rajeswari!!


I got  a chance to watch the Boss again yesterday (13/8/07)  at AVM Rajeswari theatre in Vadapalani with my friends.

Monday Evening - HOUSEFUL

I was there exactly at 5.50 pm - 40 minutes before the movie time (6.30 pm) Even at that time there was crowd waiting outside the theatre and tickets were being issued and believe me, exactly by 6.30 the movie was HOUSEFUL.

Pls check the photograph of the theatre i took by that time: 

The hall was packed with full of family audiences and kids. And the theatre staff were busy arranging the seats for latecomers with the help of torchlight.

10%  of the audience were repeat audience like us. We are shouting and screaming as usual while watching the movie in many places (without disturbing the public) And we made the entire row of ours electrifying.


The comedy scenes and mottai  boss scenes were enjoyed by the audience well.

A surprising thing is : Nobody went out for songs during the whole movie and everybody including the repeat audience remained nailed to the seats.  This is a miracle.

Each and everytime...

Each and everytime I watch the movie, i feel as if i am watching first time. And the entire 3 + hours flew like minutes.....

3 + hrs, i shed again my worries and problems and forgot everything and i am out of world.

Thanks to our Boss.

Bonus - 60 th day poster

Pls have a look at 60th day poster in the following link:

- Sundar


Tirunelveli fans conducted blood camp for Sivaji 75th day celebration

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