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Vennila Kabadi - Special show for our Superstar
(Monday, 9th February 2009)

"Vennila Kabadi" is produced by fresh technicians and they invited our Superstar Rajinikanth to see this film. These freshers were so happy and thrilled when our Superstar agreed to see it.

Superstar Rajini arrived in white shirt and vesti and he enjoyed the movie thoroughly.

Thalaivar was impressed with this film and congratulated the team. He appreciated the climax as it suited very well for the movie. Thalaivar also congratulated them for presenting the movie with Tamil cultural sport such as Kabadi. He recalled on the Kabadi scene in his film Dharmadurai and that was only enjoyable part in the movie. He feedback that this film will do extremely well and no doubt this team have a great future!

RajiniVKK6.jpg picture by rajinifans

RajiniVKK1.jpg picture by rajinifans

RajiniVKK2.jpg picture by rajinifans

RajiniVKK3.jpg picture by rajinifans

RajiniVKK4.jpg picture by rajinifans

RajiniVKK5.jpg picture by rajinifans

RajiniVKK7.jpg picture by rajinifans

RajiniVKK8.jpg picture by rajinifans

RajiniVKK9.jpg picture by rajinifans

8 Comment(s)Views: 1017

Tuesday, 10th February 2009 at 18:47:42

It's all smiles with Rajinikanth
Tuesday, 10th February 2009 at 12:30:37

Thanks. Excellent Photos and why there is no your website logo these days in any of the photos?
Monday, 9th February 2009 at 21:45:46

what a perfect man in the world.....

Monday, 9th February 2009 at 20:22:08

rajini is best
Monday, 9th February 2009 at 08:53:21

Kudos to the team

SL BOY,Sri Lanka
Monday, 9th February 2009 at 08:31:11

What a lucky boys................
Monday, 9th February 2009 at 06:49:59

Yes They are very very lucky persons......

Super star'oda wishes vangitangala ini avanga film carrier super'a erukum...
Rajini sir we're waiting your film "Enthiran".... Ungaluku wishes solla ennaku age illa.... Seekiram unga film parthu santhosa pada asai padurom.. Thanks sir

Vinod Xavier,Bangalore,India
Monday, 9th February 2009 at 05:37:55

Thalaivar is really great. Acknowledging is the hallmark of our Superstar.
"Encourage one another. Many times a word of praise or thanks or appreciation or cheer has kept people on their feet." - Charles Swindoll

This came as Thought for the day in website. Super Star is living upto these proverbs in reality.

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