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Birthday Special : Review of Unforgettable Punch Dialogues
(Sunday, 10th December 2006)

Naan oru thadava sonna nooru thadava sonna mathiri
What makes millions swear by the words of one man?

What makes a phenomenon out of a mortal?


Is it his screen presence?

Is it his inimitable style?

Or is it his lines that have an effect matched by none?

On the occasion of the Superstar’s birthday, a tribute- recalling some of his unforgettable lines.

If someone can create an impact with just one Hindi word, it would be none other than the Superstar himself. The word became a rage in the late 70’s after Moondru Mudichu got released.

One of his early movies under the tutelage of his Guru, Balachander.


Nan payan nee ponnu
The sensual villainous dialogue delivered by a character that brought out the other side of acting of Rajinikanth


Ekambaram: "Ekambaramnu sonna vayithula irukura kozhandhai kooda vaaya moodum."
Alex Pandian: "Adhe kozhandhai kitta Alex Pandiyannu sonna, innoru kaiyale avanga amma vaayayum moodum!"

A terrific dialogue encounter between the villain and a straight forward police officer on who the more powerful is from the movie Moonru Mugam. Thumb up for Rajini’s dialogue delivery.

I can walk English, I can talk English…….
This famous line from Velaikkaran still serves as a comic relief when people have trouble with English.


Sambo Siva sambo
The song which was one of the biggest hits from MSV & Ramamurthy was also adapted as an one liner in the movie Ninaithalae Einikkum for Rajinikanth.

How is it !
This famous quip from Veera has not been uttered with more style even by professional cricketers. This line retains its appeal even today.


Kazhtapadama ethuvum kidaikathu, appadiya kadachalum nelachu nikkathu
One of Rajni’s dialogues that connects to everyone’s lives. Rajni is indeed the best person to say this as he has earned every single thing in his life the hard way and that is why he is still our Superstar.


En Vazhi Thani Vazhi...
This line is a summary of Rajnikanth’s film career. No one has ever done it the way that he has and no one dare try in the future too. This line from Padayappa came many times in the movie. In a particular scene the dialogue was followed by ‘better not come in my way’ that left audience asking for more.


Andavan solran. Arunachalam seiran
One of the few dialogues in Tamil cinema history which has been able to give a stylish reference to divine intervention. This came at a time when whatever Rajni said sparked off speculations. Some saw it as an announcement that the time (to enter politics) had finally come. Others thought that Rajni was turning towards spirituality.


Pon, ponu, padhavi; pinnadi naama poga kuudathu, nama pinnadi ethelam varanum.
The dialogue mouthed by the actor while he drives the auto with Nagma at the back side in the movie Badsha is a rehashing of an old Tamil saying. Went on to get a great reception at the theatres.


Un Vazhkai Un kaila
An emphatic statement from the movie Badshah advocating to his fans that you can decide your destiny. Its not luck or fate that decides it.


"Naan solrathaiyum seiven, sollathathiyum seiven."
‘I do whatever I say……… and much more’. This line from Annamalai has been used by other Superstar pretenders in different forms.


Aandavan nallavana romba sodhippan ana kaivittuda mattan…. Kettavunukku neriya kuduppan, ana kai vittuduvan…..
A line from Baasha emphasizing the victory of good over evil. What Baasha had to say to Mark Anthony went on to become a legendary one liner.


Lakshmi start Lakshmi start
Even today, when someone’s car has a starting trouble, one would see his friends mimicking Rajinikanth’s “Lakshmi start, Lakshmi start” from Padikathavan.


Laka Laka Laka Laka Laka Laka.....
This Telugu refrain from Chandramukhi is fast becoming part of folklore in Tamil Nadu. Maybe this dialogue was an ‘on the face’ reply to all those who had said that Rajni was finished after Baba.


Athigama asaipadara ambalaiyum, adhigama kopapadara pombalaiyum nalla vazhndhadha sarithiram illai
This piece of advice doled out to Neelambari played by Ramya Krishnan in Padayappa was one of the best lines in the movie.

There are people who wonder whether he was referring to any man and woman in particular!


"Asanda adikurathu unga policy, asarama adikurathu Baba policy"
‘I don’t need to break a sweat to break your bones’. No one could have pulled off such a line with such effect. This line was a reminder that Rajni is a class apart.


Naan oru thadava sonna nooru thadava sonna mathiri
The one line that multiplied his star value a hundred fold. Even today Baasha plays in theatres and audience go into raptures each time this line is mouthed by the Superstar.

This line has not become clichéd, even a decade after the movie was released nor will it become, decades from now.


Nee virumburavalai kattikiruthai vida unnai virumburavalai kattikitta un vazhkkai santhoshama irrukkum..
This is from Valli - Rajni’s home production which embraced new talent. This piece of advice on love and life had to come from Rajni for it to go down well with the people.


Katham..Katham.. Mudinchathu mudinchu pottchu..

This line uttered very stylishly at times and solemnly at others urges everyone to forget the past. Baba, Rajni’s magnum opus was rumoured to be his final movie before he decided between politics and retirement and everything he said was analyzed carefully. But as we all know, neither happened, he is till reigning in Kollywood.


Naan eppo varuven eppadi varuvennu yarukkum theriyathu...eppo varanumo appa correctaa varuven...
When the Superstar said this in Muthu many thought that it was a veiled announcement of his much expected entry into politics. He proved true to this line when he arrived at the right time in 2005 with Chandramukhi to remind everyone that he is still the King of Tamil cinema.


Idhu eppidi irikku
This line from Padhinaaru Vayadhinile shot Rajni into the front row of villains in the Tamil film industry.

The constantly beedi smoking baddie is still fresh in the minds of all movie viewers.


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