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Sivaji Vs Dasavatharam ... Box Office Analysis
(Sunday, 21st September 2008)

Let Us make it very clear, Our intention is not to scold or shout kamal. We don’t have any jealousy for his Dasavathaaram film which has ran successfully 100 days because Rajini film running 100 days come very often where as kamal film running 100 days comes as a rarity. This Dasavathaaram has been compared with Sivaji by the producer of Dasavathaaram named Ravichandran. Ravichandran is not a very good human being. He is chameleon . When Chandramukhi movie released and it ran successfully he told sathyam theatre distributors to take away the Chandramukhi film and release his fim Anniyan. He abused the theatre distributors by cursing them saying that you all people catch his film and you people should be beaten.

Coming to the Matter: After a long gap Kamal film has run for hundred days.  Even though kamal is known as a class actor he is not that much popular when it comes to the commercial section of the cinema. Films like Abhay, Virumandi and Hey ram was known for his acting and these films did not make much impact in the commercial section. Other films like PammalKSambhantam,  Panchathantiram and Vassol Raja MBBS just made average collection in the boxoffice. At this juncture the one film which got name was Veetiyadu Villayadu that too it was released two years back. For the sake of getting very huge success in the block buster kamal did Dasavathaaram movie with lot of spirit. This Dasavathram has lot of reviews and it had some technical flaws also. The films collection made to forget that technical flaws which kamal openly accepted in one interview. This films collection was good but not that much huge like Sivaji. What  Ravichandran and his group members told is a total lie?The collections of Rajini’s film Sivaji film can be beaten by another rajinikanth film only. Collection wise, Special effects and Art sivaji was like a hollywood film.



True Comparisons between Sivaji and Dasavathaaram:

Dasavathaaram film has run 100 days in Chennai at 6 theatres. In these theatres it has run only for one show but they say it ran for four shows. In Mayajaal theatre which is in outer premises of Chennai it has just ran for 100 days with just 1 show. In other districts the film has been taken from the theatre within 25 days.


Rajini’s Root path: Ravi chandran has not got his own brain. Dasavathaaram adopted the marketing stratergy of Sivaji. The stratergy was to release in maximum theatres and to get maximum profit. After the Tamil films like Muthu and Padayappa of Rajini world market started giving these people places and upto that tamil fims  may run some where and there will be no recognition. All of this films From Muthu to Kuselan  have made grand opening in abroad . If you take abroad rajini has been the face of Indian film industry and due to his success Kamal films in Tamil started releasing in abroad. This even kamal fan cannot deny. No body can forget when Kamal’s movie panchathantiram was banned in countries like Malayasia and Canada.


Some Statistics:  The success of Sivaji is simply superb and amazing. Dasavathaaram cannot be compared with Sivaji.  If ravichandran starts these kind of comparisons let us tell one thing that the same ravichandran begged Kalaingar TV to Give 1000 rs more than the Sivaji Movie. Almost 800 theatres Sivaji ran more than 50 days and in almost 121 theatres Sivaji ran for hundred days. In almost 16 theatres in abroad countries such as Malayasia, Singapore, America, Muscat, Canada, SouthAfrica and srilanka the film ran for hundred days. Sivaji film also celebrated silver jublie in Chennai, Kanchipuram and Bangalore. Sivaji collected 11 crores in Malayasia and  5 Crores in London. It has also adde entry in the top 10 almost for four weeks. Dasavathaaram made just 7 crores ruppes and in top 10 list it did not have a entry and it just made four crores.

Kamal fans celebrated Dasavatharan 100 days.  Just look at the poster closely!

Note: Our aim is not to degrade other film by comparing with rajini film. Rajini is incomparable.  Dasavathaaram from the day of release upto now it has compared with Sivaji which we could not be tolerated. Hence, we have given the statistics and comparison between the films.


Translated by : Padmanabhan

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