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Muktha Srinivasan son Muktha Sundar shares his memories about Thalaivar
(Wednesday, 16th December 2020)

Muktha Srinivasan produced our Thalaivar films such as Polladhavan, Sivappu Sooriyan & Kodai Mazhai (Guest Role) and Muktha Srinivasan's son, Muktha Sundar, is the director of Kodai Mazhai. Lets watch his exclusive interview whereby he shares number of rare information on Thalaivar.

Video of Director Muktha Sundar Interview (Part 1)

Brief compilation of his interview (Part 1)

Just for Polladhavan announcement news itself, distributors all over TN landed asking different places rights & we saw the craze for Rajini! Another side media was opposing Rajini badly saying he's not a hero & how long will he survive?

No one had market as much as Rajini that time itself (1980)

After Polladhavan, during a meeting with MGR, MGR asked how much is Rajini salary & we said. MGR was shocked as we had paid 4 times MGR salary. MGR asked my father, can you make profits & my father said we made highest profits in this film itself. MGR became silent not speaking for sometime & couldn't digest it all.

Many were saying Rajini will vanish sooner! After 4,5 films he'll go away

Once in Mysore night, me & Rajini went for walking! Rajini asked me, "I'll not survive here for long know?" I said, "Nothing like that it's all about until the film becomes success". Next day we were shooting Naan Polladhavan song, Rajini oozed energy throughout the song! That's why I say Kamal is UZHAIPPAL,I Rajini is PORAALI because Rajini will fight to any extent to win

Kannadasan said MGR never keeps negative title. So I said Rajini, Kannadasan says Erimalai is negative title & asked what shall we keep the title? Rajini said he'll say in 2 days & said POLLADHAVAN! I said that's also negative title but Rajini stressed out saying NAAN POLLADHAVAN because those days Cinema industry & politicians hated his success given by people

We made many changes from the original Kannada as Rajkumar role will be soft & here Rajini will be more violent. And lot of love scenes were added for Rajini.


Video of Director Muktha Sundar Interview (Part 2)

Brief compilation of his interview (Part 2)

Rajini was more involved in Naan Polladhavan song as he moved it so much that he kept on listening to it. Again in the set he heard it once & without dance master, Rajini himself danced adding his style, emotions & everything

Rajini & Surulirajan wrote all the punches disucssing with each other

Rajini insisted on having beard but we assistant directors were not confident how it looks but on first day of shoot Rajini wasn't looking dull as the saying goes, heroes having beard indicates having break up but Rajini looked very violent & at the same time Rajini was apt as father to a small girl

After completion of the film, distributors insisted on having Cinemascope release & we tested in Devi Paradise how it looks! Anything regarding Rajini, it's distributors choice.

Nobody has Rajini's mass. We made Nayagan with Kamal but as far as TN is concerned Manithan collected more than Nayagan! No one will believe it when I say this

When Udhayam theatre was ready for open, the owner used to come daily to our office asking for Sivappu Sooriyan as those days Udhayam was faraway but today it's a centre but the owner insisted at least for noon show to make Udhayam popular having Rajini film.


Video of Director Muktha Sundar Interview (Part 3)

Brief compilation of his interview (Part 3)

Rajini had lot of commitments for other producers so he couldn't do another film for us but Rajini agreed to do guest role in guest role in Kodai Mazhai where he himself wrote his dialogues & said he'll come as Rajini itself.

I would say Rajini politics entry is because of these politicians only. During MGR ADMK, politicians hated his growth & during Jayalalithaa ADMK, Rajini was opposed, tortured always in Poes Gardens & his fan clubs were troubled by police which made Rajini very angry

Rajini wanted to promote Moopanar a lot so he met Narasimha Rao in Delhi but Narasimha Rao said Rajini to stand as CM from Congress because Narasimha Rao & Moopanar don't like each other & Narasimha Rao again having alliance with ADMK made Rajini form DMK TMC alliance.

After winning the elections, in Vettri Vizha function, when everyone were waiting to hear Rajini name as thanks gesture, Karunanidhi didn't even mention Rajini's name as Rajini fan clubs worked so much in 96 elections. Karunanidhi just said Jaya corrupted govt made DMK win. This also hurted Rajini. Many incidents like this made Rajini enter politics.

Narrated by : Amar (Vaseegaran)

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