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Superstar Rajinikanth hit movie 2.0 finally releases in China, sets box office on fire
(Friday, 6th September 2019)

Superstar Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's sci-fi thriller 2.0 finally sees the light of the day in China. The film released in about 48,000 screens in the country today (September 6).
Director Shankar's 2.0, which hit the theatres in India in 2018, turned out to become a decent hit at the box office in the country. For several months now, the makers have been trying to release the film in China. The time has finally come now as 2.0 releases today (September 6) in the country.

According to the production house, Lyca Productions, the big-budget flick has released in 48,000 screens across the country. Earlier, the film was supposed to hit the theatres in July, but the distributors had to change the release date to avoid a clash with The Lion King.

The pre-sales of tickets in China has started on a great note and has earned over Rs 3.41 crore in the country. The makers are confident that the film will impress the Chinese audience and will set the box office on fire.

The Twitter handle, going by the name China Box Office took to Twitter to share, "#2Point0InChina Crossed ¥3.4M [$475k] (3.41Cr) In Total Pre-sales. Now On 2nd In Pre-sales. Opening Day Pre-sales Is ¥2.3M [ $320k] (?2.3Cr). Shows 59k (Higher Than Recent Indian Releases) (sic)"

Here's the tweet:

2.0 explores the harmful effects of radiation emanating from mobile phone towers and its effect on birds and animals. The film also imparts an important social message that the world does not only belong to human beings but also to other living things.

Since the Chinese audience have been receptive to Indian films in the past, the makers of 2.0 are confident of the film doing exceptionally well in the theatres.





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