Rajini's History (Part 3)                             >>> Tamil Version

Superstar’s first journey to Chennai

Rajinikanth joined in college as per his father’s wish. But, later he arrived to Chennai to lead an independent life. He started to watch films even without regular food. This part explains that in detail.

Joining in College

When, Rajinikanth finished his S.S.L.C (school final) he was 16.  Thinking about his future life, his father wanted Rajini to continue his college studies. Rajini had no way due to his father’s pressure. He totally disliked studies, just in few months. He took college fees Rs.200 and came to Chennai through train.  In this period, Rajini used to see a lot of films, but he had no idea of acting in a film. He was in Chennai just to get any job to drive his life in his own way.

After, spending lot of days in search of a job, he just got a small job with a carpenter. In the mean time, all his money spent away.  He didn’t get sufficient income in that carpenter job too. So, he decided to return to Bangalore.

Again in Chennai

In Bangalore, he worked in a provision store. As he didn’t like the job, once again he traveled to Chennai. He was in a deep search for a job. One day, he went to “Midland” theatre, to see “Edhirneechchal”, a film directed by K.Balachandar, starring Nagesh.

In few days, he got a mason job, through a building contractor. He started to watch lot of films, with the use of his salary. He was attracted by MGR’s heroic actions & Sivaji Ganesan’s emotional characters. Cinema attracted him totally. He used to spend money for watching cinemas, rather than taking regular food.

One day, when he was sleeping in platform near LIC, after night show, he was caught by Police patrol for doubt. Next morning, he was released. Again, he decided to return to Bangalore. He had no money even for his food. So, he traveled without ticket in train & headed back to his home.

His family members were angry with him for his behaviors & no one was ready to speak with him. Then, he joined in another work, to save his self-respect in his home.   

He kept changing his workplaces. From a mechanical shop, he joined in a rice godown, for loading & unloading. For, loading 60 rice sacks the pay was Rs.2/-. Usually, rajini would load up to 180 & earn Rs.6/- everyday.

His sister-in-law used to take care of Rajini like his mother. Everyday, she would wait for Rajini without sleeping to serve him dinner.

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