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Superstar turning into an actor

After getting a job as bus conductor, Rajinikanth started to acted in stage dramas. Later, he slowly started to think of acting in films. This part explains that story.

Rajini & his cinema

If Rajini in cinema hall, for a film, he has never used a queue for getting tickets. Just a few jumps would lead him to the counter. No one in the queue dared to question Rajini for his  “jumps”, because Rajini was “famous icon” in his area.

Ready for anything

Once, MGR’s ‘Nadodi Mannan’ was released in his area. His friends were getting ready for film. But, Rajini had no money for ticket. After, a thought for few moments, he left for his house.

Then, he was at a local pawn shop, with one of the silver glasses from his house. He got Rs.5/- for that, and then he happily left for film with his friends.

Bus Conductor

In this period, an offer came to Rajini through his family friend, to join as a bus conductor in KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation).  Rajini was very happy like he got an IAS posting.

He worked in the bus route no.134, which was from Sivaji Nagar to Samrajpet. A women’s college, ‘Maharani College’, was in his route. No one getting inside bus can believe that he was working as a conductor. His dressing used to make them surprised. He used to issue tickets in very stylish manner. His every act inside the bus was very stylish & everyone traveling in that route admired his style.

For young teen girls & women college students traveling in the route, Rajini was a ‘special person’.

Superstar & Dramas

One day, when he was returning from his work, he heard a voice of woman screaming for help, at one place. The voice was coming from other side of a big wall. Rajini immediately jumped over the wall, and he saw a young woman shouting & a man standing with a knife in front of her.  Seeing this, Rajini was getting ready for a fight with that man, with a big shout. Then, there came a man to Rajini asking him not to create any confusion.  Then, Rajini realized that was a drama rehearsal.  There was a lot of fun happening there then.

“This incident turned out my interest to stage dramas. I started to get involved in making & organizing stage dramas”, said Rajini, later.

Rajini as Sivaji (not Shankar’s Sivaji)

Rajini formed a group with his friends, to create stage dramas. His first drama was, “Jwala” (flames of fire). It was about the Great Marathi King Chhatrapathi Sivaji. Rajini acted as Sivaji. He was following Sivaji Ganesan in his acting.

One of the scene for Rajini was to carry the fire-torch & to give a brave, emotional speech as Marathi King Sivaji. Due to the excellent performance of Superstar, the crowd started to give a big applause. Rajini was greatly encouraged by this & he acted very emotionally, lifting that fire-torch. Suddenly, the stage roof got fire because of the fire-torch. The crowd started to shout & run away seeing the fire. Rajini returned to the present world only after their shouting.

Rajini as Dhuriyodhana

Superstar continued to conduct stage dramas and used to act in lead roles.  Once, he was acting as Dhuriyodhana (a lead negative character in the epic, Mahabharata), in a drama, ‘Gurukshetra’.  He was greeted with great response from the audience for his acting.

One of the Transport Officer, who was the chief guest for that show, greeted Rajini in the stage. He said, “Our Sivaji Rao(Rajinikanth) acted very well in this play. He is very well qualified to act in films. It’s not going to be a surprise, if he becomes a big actor one day.” These words encouraged Rajini in a big manner. He continued to conduct dramas & his friends, colleagues praised his acting.

But, Rajini’s father was not happy with this. He continued him to advice to study in evening college and to join Police Dept.

But, day by day, Superstar’s desire of acting in films was only developing. Even, some people make fun of his desire with his black skin, he just ignored that. He had a strong hold on his aim.

He was discussing about his aim with his close friend Putraj and his friend encouraged him, saying Rajini’s style will be very helpful for becoming a big star in Cinema industry.

Rajini was looking for a good opportunity for leaving his conductor job and to enter into cinema.

And it came unexpected.

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