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Rajini Returns the Compliment to Anbumani
(Friday, 20th May 2005)

The Union Cabinet Minister Dr. Anbumani had conveyed his appreciation only yesterday. Today he received the answer from Rajini.

In the film 'Chandramuki' Rajini didn't smoke. The Cabinet Minister seemed to like it. Immediately he sent a letter of appreciation and gratitude to Rajini. This letter had reached Rajini who is camping at Rishikesh now.. He had prepared a statement with in 24 hours.

"Dear Minister of Health and Family welfare Dr.Anbumani, I came to know about your letter of appreciation through the dailies. I feel very happy about your letter".

"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your innocent and hearty appreciation. Most valuable and loveable thing in the world is, friendship. I expect that friendship from everybody". This is the statement of Rajini.

What is that 'friendship'? When the film 'Baba' was released, the PMK people have snatched the film boxes of that movie, and reated lot of headache for Rajini. Now the film 'Chandramuki' had eliminated that enmity. Superstar had mentioned only about this subtly. If this message should reach the people concerned, it would be good indeed!

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