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Superstar & Megastar Released Baba Audio Telugu Version
(Saturday, 10th August 2002)

8 August 2002

Hyder Mahal, the conference hall of Kakatiya Sheraton was glowing with the glitters of big stalwarts like Chiranjeevi and Rajanikanth who came together for the audio release of Rajanikanth's new movie Baba. Everything looked so perfect except our timing. By the time we entered the conference hall, Megastar Chiranjeevi had already released the audio of BABA and Rajnikanth was about to conclude his speech. Time and tide wait for no man. Well, it was proved again here, giving us lessons to set our clocks properly not to miss out on such spectacular functions. But hey, we did manage to capture important chunk of the excitement for you guys

When we stepped in to Hyder Mahal, Rajnikanth was talking about the sensation created by Indra at the box office and concluded by saying that there are only two charismatic and popular superstars in India and they are none other than Amitabh Bachchan and our very own Megastar Chiranjeevi.

Then Chiranjeevi was asked to talk on this occasion. Chiranjeevi spoke at length about how directly and indirectly Rajnikanth helped him to be what he is today. He narrated a few experiences, which he said; he was sharing for the first time with everybody. So continue reading for some interesting anecdotes brought to you exclusively by -

1. When Chiranjeevi joined the Film Institute in Madras, he used to observe a lot of other students who were doing exceptionally well and used to get depressed. At that time, he used to watch Rajnikanth's films. Rajnikanth is about 4-5 years senior to Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi used to feel that he might not get selected to act in movies as he is not good looking and is not fair skinned. Rajnikanth inspired him in that aspect. Chiranjeevi used to work with more vigor to outcome those obstacles.

2. After getting into films, Chiranjeevi was asked by K Bala Chandar (KB) to do a negative role in a film titled 'Anthuleni Katha', which was a remake of Tamil film. Chiranjeevi was asked to do the Telugu version of Tamil's Rajnikanth's role. Chiranjeevi hesitated to do that role as he felt Rajni did a terrific job in the original. There is one particular 300-feet length scene that had to be finished in one continuous take. Though shooting started at 1 pm, Chiranjeevi went to location early in the morning and kept on doing rehearsals. When KB shot the scene at 1 pm, Chiranjeevi failed to deliver the goods. KB asked Chiranjeevi to concentrate and do it again at 3 pm. Chiranjeevi, who was so tensed to do that scene when KB was around, did it perfectly when KB was not around. That shot was okayed after many takes. Then the assistant director told Chiranjeevi that KB wanted to see him. Chiranjeevi decided that he might not be fit for acting and if KB fires him, he had to go back to Nellore. But KB told him that Chiranjeevi had indeed done a good work. And that with some improvement he could excel. When Chiranjeevi expressed his doubts as to how Rajnikanth could manage that shot so perfectly, then KB gave out a hearty laugh and said that Rajni was doing the takes till 9 pm and that Chiranjeevi could complete it by 7 pm. That way, Chiranjeevi used to set Rajnikanth as a parameter.

3. When Athaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu was remade in Tamil as 'Maa Pillai' by Geeta arts with Rajanikanth as hero, he insisted that Chiranjeevi should do a guest role in it. Chiranjeevi did a fight scene in that film and it brought enormous popularity in Tamilnadu as Chiranjeevi acted in it.

4. Gharana Modugu and Mannan flagged off their shooting on the same day and both films were made with same story. When Muhurtam shot was being canned for Gharana Modugu, Chiranjeevi felt that since Rajnikanth was doing the Tamil version, he should work hard to match the might of Rajni 'style'. With that competitive spirit, he made the entire crew wait for a couple of hours and tried different mannerisms from which Chiranjeevi's most popular 'namaste mastaaru' (with a single hand salute) and 'face turning ichuko' were born.

5. During the shooting of Indra, Chiranjeevi went to Swiss to shoot a couple of songs. Rajnikanth was also shooting BABA out there. Chiru had a day off from shooting, he visited Rajnikanth. After listening to the story, Chiranjeevi was very much delighted. On listening to the dialogues of the movie, which had many mass dialogues, Chiranjeevi asked Rajnikanth as to how come Rajni could utter such mass dialogues when he is in such a top position of influencing everything including the selection of Governments. Then Rajnikanth said that comman man always loves those dialogues that are very mass and they work out well if hero (being the noble warrior) attacks villain (an evil harbinger) verbally with more mass oriented dialogues. With that advice, when returned back to India, Chiranjeevi asked Paruchuri brothers to rework on dialogues aspect. That's the reason why people find mass oriented ferocious dialogues in the second half of Indra.

This is what Chiranjeevi had to say about how Rajnikanth helped him in his career directly and indirectly. At that same time Chiranjeevi mentioned that he wouldn't accept the compliment that Chiranjeevi and Amitabh are the only superstars of India. Chiranjeevi, with uttermost honesty and humility, said that Rajnikanth and Amitabh are the real superstars of Indian film industry.

DVS Raju and BV Reddy (President of Chamber of Commerce) also spoke at length about Baba and Rajnikanth.





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Thursday, 8th March 2012 at 04:41:02

rajani sir is not only a super star he is a god of film industry

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