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Balachander renames Sivaji Rao as Rajinikant

Known as Sivaji Rao till the completion of shooting for Aboorva Raagangal, he became Rajinikant immediately after that.  It was director K. Balachander who gave him the new name.

Rajinikant himself describes it thus:

“I was acting for a love scene along with Srividya for Aboorva Raagangal.  Both of us have to hold each others hands and come walking while talking and laughing.  There were no dialogues in that scene; only lip movements.  We were told to walk together while talking something and laughing.  While I was conversing in Kannada, Srividya was talking in Malayalam.

After the end of this scene, we were told to go home.  I removed my make-up and came out.  The shooting for the movie also got over with that scene.

I went to Gemini studio to dub for my scenes.  At that time both Kamala Haasan and Srividya were dubbing for their scenes.  I was waiting for my turn.

Suddenly a scene came on screen.  A bearded person wearing a coat is opening a door and entering.  He talks something.  I could not recognize him immediately.  Suddenly it dawned on me that it was none other than me. 

I was just starring at the scene forgetting everything else.  The scene came again and again.  I was just looking at the scene completely forgetting to speak my dialogue.  I was thrilled to see my figure on screen.  After all, I have been waiting for so long for this moment only.  Only when director Balachander, who has been watching this, called “can we start dubbing”, did I come down to this earth.

I have to tell something now.  Since I did not know Tamil properly, some people opined that some other person should dub for me.  But, Balachander Sir did not agree to it.  He was firm that he wanted my original voice only.

My dialogues in Aboorva Raagangal were few only.  Balachander Sir taught me how to pronounce the dialogues and I simply followed it.  Once he okayed it, my dubbing work also came to an end”.

Thus Rajinikant has narrated his dubbing experience and this is what he has to say as to how he got his new name:

“It was decided to release Aboorva Raaganagal on 15th August, 1975.

Director Balachander called me and told “we have to mention your name in the title card.  Shivaji Rao is not suitable.  Because already there is a Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan in the industry, the name Sivaji will not be suitable.  Rao also will not suit Tamil Nadu”.  So, I have told him to suggest a suitable name for me and came back.

I consulted with my friends.  I had two names in my mind viz., “Sharath” and  “R.S.Gaekwad”.  When I told them to my friends, none of them liked both the names.

So, I went back to Balachander Sir and told him to suggest a new name with his blessings.  That day was an unforgettable day in my life.  It was a full moon day.

Balachander Sir told me: “In my stage play ‘Major Chandrakanth’, there are two sons for the character Chandrakanth.  First one is Srikanth and the other one is Rajinikanth.  Already one person in the industry got the name Srikanth.  I was wondering whom to name as Rajinikanth for a quite a while.  Now I will name you as Rajinikanth”.

I immediately touched his feet and requested him to bless me that I should grow in the industry and get a name as a good villain actor.  But Balachander Sir told me: “Why do you want to be a villain?  You will become a big actor.  Just wait and see”.

My joy was limitless.  I went straight to Marina beach and sat in the sands watching the blue sea for a long time.  Whenever I am in happiness or sorrow, I used to go to the beach to sit alone and ponder.”

Aboorva Raagangal was released on 15th August, 1975.  It was a movie with a different story line.  Those are the days when Balachander movies used to run for his own stamp and style.  So, this movie was also considered as a Balachander movie only.

Rajini went to the Krishnaveni theatre in T.Nagar, where it was released, to see the movie but tickets were not available.  He met the theatre manager and pleaded with him to give him a ticket since he has acted in the movie and hence wanted to see the movie.  The manager also gave him a ticket out of sympathy.

Rajini went running to his seat and was so happy to see himself on screen.  He thought “At last my dream has come true.  I will start getting villain roles at least from now onwards”.

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