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Thalaivar’s ‘youthful’ life

At his young age, superstar was very mischievous & was having some bad practices/habits. He was an alcoholic & was chasing women with his friends, enjoying the fun.  

His father’s desire was to give higher studies to superstar and make him a police officer, as usual a father’s desire. But, Rajini was in the other way. He liked to simply roam around with his friends.

 ‘Murattukalai’ in real life

There are so many factors here, to lead a youth in wrong way, in life. Mostly, it will appear because of the energy of that age & friends.

 Even, our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi had experienced that. He had written that in ‘Sathiya Sodhanai’, his autobiography. “My friend advised me that I can become a strong man, if I eat non-vegetarian. So, I started to eat that. Later, I realized it was totally wrong, so, I wrote a letter to my father, explaining my mistakes and requested him to forgive me. After reading that, my father burst into tears. All my sins washed away, in his tears.”

Those mistakes happened in our superstar’s life too. He used to draw moustache on his face using mascara, at his adolescent age in eager to show himself as a youth. He was a smoker too.

Later, he had written everything about this, in various articles without any hesitation.

 In one of the articles, he has written like this. “I was an over-matured guy, in my adolescent age. I knew about sex, at that age. Usually, my friends were elder than my age at that time. They used to go to prostitutes’ house, after having some drinks. I would accompany them, till the doorstep.

Also, I was beaten very worst, for my mistakes.  Then, when I joined Ramakrishna Mission, at my age of 16, all my arrogance came into control. Slowly, when I concentrated in prayers & ‘pranayama’, my behavior started to change.

But, after my S.S.L.C (school final) again I started behave arrogant due to my new elderly friends. It was not just arrogance, but I want to turn everyone to my side. I was ready to do anything for that. I would bet for anything, to come over others, For example, if my friends have one glass of alcohol, I will bet to take six glasses to win over them.”

In hands of Police

One day when Rajinikanth was teasing a girl, she complained to Police & they arrested him with his friends. Later, the Police came to know Rajini is the son of Ramoji Rao, the head constable, (who also received a govt. award for his excellence service for the dept) they released him and dropped in his house.

His elder brother Sathyanarayana became very angry knowing this incident, and Rajini was beaten very worst by him.

He was fearless

Superstar was fearless at his young age.  When he was in his sixth standard, there was a rumor going around in his school, that there is a dangerous old saint in the nearby jungle. But, Rajini never believed that & he used to make fun of others who believed & feared for that.

So, his friends challenged him to go into the jungle alone, to meet that old saint. He accepted the challenge and went very deep inside the jungle. He cannot find that saint. He was at middle of the jungle & he was very alone there. Slowly, fear started to rise in his heart.   Suddenly, there was a welcoming voice. When he turned to that direction of voice, he saw an old saint, of age 60 or 70 standing there. He called Rajini, “Come here, my son.”

Rajini went near him and that saint taught some mantras to Rajini and asked him to repeat those. Rajini followed that. (Thalaivar’s spiritual life started here?)

Then, the saint asked him to go back & to come again the next day.  Here, outside the jungle Rajini’s friends feared as it was getting late. Suddenly, they saw Rajini. He came out running, and shouted, “I saw him.”

His friends can’t believe that. Then, Rajini explained the whole incident. All his friends were surprised & applauded him for his braveness.

The next day Rajini visited the saint again, and this happened for few more days. The saint taught Yoga and more mantras to Rajini.  Then he blessed Rajini, “You will become big in future.”

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