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テδテつョテつィテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつイテδテつッテ銀テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテツ。テδテつッテツテδテつョテつイテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつアテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテツ。テδテつッテ「
Rajini's talent was not fully utalized
テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつテδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつテδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつイテδテつョテつセテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「 テδテつョテつィテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ
テδテつョテ「竄ャツヲテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャ邃「テδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ暁禿δテつョテつェテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつ」テδテつッテつ催δテつョテツクテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ催δ「テ「窶堋ャテ「窶楪「 テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつセテδテ
テδテつョテツステδテつョテつゥテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつイテδテつッテ銀テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつョテつセテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ. テ
テδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつィテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつーテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつソ テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「竄ャナ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつイテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつイテδテつョテつセ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテツクテδテつッテつ催δテつョテ
テδテつョテツテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつョテつセテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツーテδテつョテつェテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ..
Manithan surpassed Nayagan collection at all centers
テδテつョテつーテδテつョテ窶愿δテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつョテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつエテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツーテδテつョテつ」テδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつオテδテつッテつテδテつョテ
I can see only one actor to play Balram: Rajnikanth!
テδテつョテ銀テδテつョテつエ テδテつョテつェテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつーテδテつョテツ。テδテつッテつ催δテつョテツ。テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテ銀テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつーテδテつョテ窶愿δテつョテつソテδ
テδテつョテ「竄ャツーテδテつョテつ」テδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつオテδテつッテつテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつッテ銀テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつセテδテつョテツクテδテつッテつ催δテつョテツクテδテつッテつテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「
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テδテつョテつーテδテつョテ窶愿δテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテつョテδテつッテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテ窶愿δテつッテ銀 テδテつョテ「竄ャツーテδテつョテツ。テδテつッテつ催δテつョテツ。テδテつョテつソテδテつョテ「竄ャ
Sridhar, the Man of self respect and confidence!
テδテつョテツ。テδテつッテ「竄ャナ。テδテつョテつェテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつクテδテつッテつ催δテつョテツクテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつェテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテつアテδテつッテつ催
テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ暁禿δテつョテつ、テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつョテつソテδ「テ「窶堋ャテ「窶楪「 テδテつョテツステδテつョテつゥ テδテつョテつェテδテつョテつセテδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつッテ「竄ャツケテδテつョテツクテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツヲテδテつョテ
テδテつョテつーテδテつョテ窶愿δテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツヲテδテつョテつアテδテつョテつソテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテ銀: テδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつイ テδテつョテつェ

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Stop the war - Rajini's thunderous and meaningful speech
(Saturday, 1st November 2008)
"Sri Lanka's Rajapakse should stop his war on innoncent tamils immediately else he will have to face the interference of the world's biggies", warns Rajini.

Tamil actors and actress union staged a one day fast condemning the attrocities being leashed out on innocent tamils in Sri Lanka. Super Star Rajini participated in this fasting. He arrived at 11:30 and stayed till it concluded listening to other participants' speech.
His ferocious speech in the fasting:
"I would like to appreciate Tamil Artiste's Union leader Sarathkumar and secretary Radha Ravi for performing this agitation in a more sensible and intelligent way. This is the third phase of our agitation and you have lead it in a great manner.
There are some restrictions layed out for this fasting and that is helping out this agitation to be successful. If one cannot control them they cannot do anything constructively.
The attrocities happening to Sri Lankan tamils is a big history. It would take months to explain it all. I thank Radha Ravi and Thirumavalavan for explaining us all the truth about the attrocities happening in Sri Lanka on this stage.
I have met many Sri Lankan tamils both here in Tamil Nadu as well as abroad. They are very soft and sweet people. Even if they scold you it would be like a sweet rhythm. They are so very tender people. But to realize how these people are suffering at their homeland and how they are being forced to leave their homeland and find life elsewhere gives me deep pain.
With the belief that whatever we speak here today would fall into the ears of Rajapakse and the representatives of the Sri Lankan people I would like to say one thing. Sri Lankan tamils just asked for the very basic human right, equal rights in their homeland. But you all ignored it. Instead of pacifying this peacefully Sri Lankan government took force to quell the tamil people's legitimate request. You used all three of your forces army, navy and air force. You used them against tamil people not for 1 or 2 years but you used the forces against the tamil people for 30 years. Now after thirty years what were you able to achieve ? Are you not ashamed of this ? Then why you call yourself a brave soldier ?
You have lost the battle, agree to it. If not then its your ego thats not allowing you to aggree to the truth.
You need to understand onething. If the common people in you country suffer then it would bring down your country. If they breathe out in pain then that air itself would destroy your country. Don't let the common people to suffer because of your ego.
Don't think that tamil people who are killed and buried are gone forever. They are not buried but they are cultivated. They will come back again and will confront you.
Keep aside your ego and step down to find a peaceful solution to this problem.
Even after thirty years of tamils' sacrifice, if you still ignore it, the souls of those innocent people dead would not let you live peacefully. They will all comeback to reclaim their rights. Its their land and they will have to get their homeland back. You have to understand this and realize the situation. If not then the worlds' big powers will step in to do that job." thundered Rajini.

Later Rajini announced he will contribute Rs. 10 lakhs towards the relief fund for the suffering tamil people in Sri Lanka.

Video Clip : Superstar Entering The Hall

Video Clip : Superstar's Speech

- Sanganathan

Translated by  : BalaSenthil


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arun raghavan,USA PHOENIX
Sunday, 14th December 2008 at 03:14:40

Well said Rajni. Rocking like Swami Vivekananda. God's voice through Rajni's mouth. Not just words. I would like to be an instrument like you in the hands of GOD. Take care of your health AND FAMILY.
Monday, 24th November 2008 at 14:28:02

テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつテδテつョテつェテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつテδテつョテツクテδテつョテつョテδテつョテつセテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「 テδテつョテ「竄ャツーテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつイテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつェテδテつッテつテδテつョテつイテδテつョテつソテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつッテ銀 テδテつョテ「竄ャ邃「テδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつアテδテつッテつテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ テδテつョテツ。テδテつッテ「竄ャツテδテつョテつッテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつッ テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつテδテつョテツクテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつオテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつイテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつイテδテつッテ銀テδテつョテつッテδテつッテ「竄ャツ。? テδテつョテつィテδテつッテ「窶堋ャテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「 テδテつョテ「竄ャツテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつウテδテつッテ銀テδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつセテδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつセ? テδテつョテツステδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつアテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツテδテつョテつオテδテつッテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつッテ「竄ャツケテδテつョテツクテδテつッテつ. テδテつョテつーテδテつョテ窶愿δテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテつィテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、 テδテつョテつェテδテつッテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテツ。テδテつッテつ催δテつョテツ。テδテつッテつテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテつェテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつーテδテつョテつセテδテつョテツクテδテつッテつ催δテつョテツクテδテつッテつテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつッテ銀 テδテつョテつ、テδテつッテ「竄ャツテδテつョテつーテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつオテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつアテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつソテδテつョテツクテδテつッテつテδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつイテδテつッテ銀テδテつョテつェテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつッテつテδテつョテつイテδテつョテつソテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつイテδテつッテ銀テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつェテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつーテδテつョテつェテδテつョテつセテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつーテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ.
Ramesh,Calgary, Canada
Friday, 14th November 2008 at 16:48:22

Superstar is always Superstar. He is real good hearted gentleman. Very rare to get a finest human being like him. Out of all the indian actors, he is the only one respected by all his competitors in the field
Sunday, 9th November 2008 at 10:17:24

nice speech, never thought he would say that. he is very interesting person. god bless you!
Friday, 7th November 2008 at 13:52:41

I have always been rajini fan, but as a thamilan it always bothered me that rajini dosn't support the eelam tamils. BUT when i heard this speech.. i was shocked, i think i was wrong all this time.. he does care about us lankan tamils and he knows our strugle too.. thanx again!
Tuesday, 4th November 2008 at 09:36:38

Hallo rajni sir
Monday, 3rd November 2008 at 15:37:13

Thalaiva.... Mikka Nantri Thalaiva....! Mikka Nantri....! Thalaiva Ninkal Kooriya Vaarththaihal Thamizhar Vizhippai Melum Kooddiyullathu.............! Nantri Thalaiva.......! Thamizharhal Anaivarukkum Unkal Vaarththaihal Ovontrum Manathil Achchadiththirukkum....! Ella Thamizharum Nichchayam Poraaduvaarhal Unkal Sollukkaaha.......! Naan Nambuhirean ThamizEeezham Naalai Pirakkum Unkal Vaarththaihalukkaaha........!
Sunday, 2nd November 2008 at 14:29:47

Thank you so much to be a part of Tamil Eelam people's genocide pain in Sri Lanka. You will remain in good place Tamil Eelam people's heart in all over the world. Tanks again.
Sunday, 2nd November 2008 at 10:31:22

テδテつョテつ静δテつョテつッテδテつョテつセ テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつ」テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ,

テδテつョテ「竄ャツーテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつェテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテつイテδテつョテツ。テδテつッテつ催δテつョテツ。テδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、 テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつソテδテつョテツク テδテつョテ「竄ャツーテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつイテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつテδテつョテつィテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつィテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、 テδテつョテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテつィテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、 テδテつョテ「竄ャ邃「テδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつーテδテつョテつソ テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつセテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ "テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつテδテつョテつェテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツテδテつョテつ」テδテつッテつ催δテつョテツクテδテつッテつテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツテδテつョテつゥ テδテつョテつェテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつアテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ テδテつョテつオテδテつッテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテつ」テδテつョテつセテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテツ。テδテつッテツテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつゥテδテつョテつセ テδテつョテ「竄ャツヲテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテツステδテつョテつェテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつョテツクテδテつョテつソテδテつョテツ。テδテつッテ「竄ャツテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつョテつオテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつィテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつエテδテつョテつアテδテつョテつオテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつッテ銀 テδテつョテツ。テδテつッテつテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつョテδテつョテつセ テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつソテδテつョテツクテδテつッテつ催δテつョテツクテδテつッテつテδテつョテツクテδテつッテつテδテつョテつオテδテつョテつセテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつョテつセ... テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつテδテつョテツクテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ. テδテつョテ「竄ャツヲテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテツステδテつョテつェテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつョテツクテδテつョテつソ テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつソテδテつョテツクテδテつッテつテδテつョテつオテδテつョテつセテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「 ?? テδテつョテ「竄ャツヲテδテつョテつィテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、 テδテつョテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテツクテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつッテ銀 テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつョテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつエテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδ「テ「窶堋ャテ窶凖δテつョテつウテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツヲテδテつョテツクテδテつッテ銀テδテつョテツセテδテつッテつ催δテつョテツ。テδテつッテ「竄ャツ。 テδテつョテつ、テδテつッテ「窶堋ャテδテつョテつーテδテつョテつ」テδテつッテつテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ" テδテつョテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテつェテδテつッテ「竄ャツケテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつ静δテつョテつッテδテつョテつセ テδテつョテツステδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつッテつテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツーテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつョテδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつイテδテつッテつ テδテつョテツステδテつョテつョテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつョテδテつッテ「窶堋ャテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつテδテつョテつウテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつウ テδテつョテつェテδテつョテつセテδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつッテ銀 テδテつョテツステδテつョテツクテδテつッテつテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテ「竄ャナ。テδテつョテつア.
テδテつョテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテつィテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、 テδテつョテ「竄ャ邃「テδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツテδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつオテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつッテつテδテつョテツクテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテツステδテつョテつョテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつソテδテつョテツクテδテつッテつテδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつイテδテつッテ銀 テδテつョテつェテδテつッテ「竄ャツケテδテつョテつーテδテつョテつセテδテつョテツクテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつッテ銀 テδテつョテつィテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつゥテδテつッテ「竄ャツテδテつョテツクテδテつッテつテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテつオテδテつッテ「竄ャツテδテつョテつアテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつアテδテつョテつソ テδテつョテつェテδテつッテ「竄ャツテδテつョテつアテδテつッテつテδテつョテつオテδテつッテ「竄ャツケテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ. テδテつョテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ テδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ. テδテつョテツステδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつアテδテつッテつテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツーテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツーテδテつョテ「窶楪「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつーテδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつソテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつウテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつゥテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツテδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつーテδテつョテつオテδテつッテ銀 テδテつョテつオテδテつッテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテつ」テδテつッテつ催δテつョテツクテδテつョテつソ テδテつョテつィテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつアテδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ..... テδテつョテ銀テδテつョテつエテδテつョテつオテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ

Sunday, 2nd November 2008 at 09:07:12

being a srilankan i was eagerly waiting for our suprestar speech on november 1st.Asusual he proved that he is the superstar of this entire world.You r wrong mr.suneel As thalaivar mentioned they r not ambala....super thalaiva
Sunday, 2nd November 2008 at 05:09:27

Palar Arasiyalukkaka pesuvaargal.
Thalaivar eppothum UNMAIYAI MATTUM pesuvaar.

Rajini Suya,India
Sunday, 2nd November 2008 at 03:59:08

Summa Athuruthila....
Thalaiva... Super...
Entum Ungal Vazhiyil... Rajni SUYA

Sunday, 2nd November 2008 at 03:13:32

once again thaliavar has proved his mettle i was worried what was his speech going to be like but now he has proved that his support is always with the tamils and finally i would like to say one thing to all thalaivar fans feel proud to be tamilians and thalaivar fans
Sunday, 2nd November 2008 at 02:50:31

the highest amount was given by our thalaivar, making sottai raj's face black and he even gave shakehand 2 our thalaivar.

indha polappukku thookka pottu sakavendum sottairaj

mettu street muthu,chennai
Saturday, 1st November 2008 at 22:49:07

thalaivar once again proved that he always on tamilians side on every issue, at before there's lot of bad comments about him that he not bother about srilankan tamilians and not gave any supportive voice for them, but yesterday his voice clearly clarified once again that he's a true human and extraordinary person, his speech really fantastic, everyone appreciate his speech, for this srilankan tamilians supportive protest he came to nadigar sangam even after some bad actors bad comments on him, really our thalaivar's great, proud to be thalaivars fan !
Saturday, 1st November 2008 at 21:47:45

hi fans i am from kerala,it was one of of the aim in my life to see rajini before my end that was fullfilled yesterday but couldnt hear thalaivars speech becoz police attacked on us
Roshan Wignarajah,Sri Lanka
Saturday, 1st November 2008 at 15:21:58

I have been Rajinkanths fan since my child hood. I am so happy that he spoke on behlaf sri lankan tamil issue.
I live in canada and as far asI know I have been his fan since the age 5.
Once again thank you Sir. I wish one day I will get to meet you.


Saturday, 1st November 2008 at 14:44:57

Talaivar Super Star Rajnikanth gave a superb speech, he showed 2 every1 dat he cares bout Sri Lankan Tamils as i am 1! Ennai summa athiradilai!!!
Saturday, 1st November 2008 at 12:52:38

テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつイテδテつッテ銀テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつテδテつョテツ。テδテつッテ「竄ャツテδテつョテつイテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつーテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつイテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつクテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツヲテδテつョテつェテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつッテツ テδテつョテツ。テδテつッテツテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつゥテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ "テδテつョテつィテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつェテδテつョテつセテδテつョテツクテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつッテつテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつソテδテつョテツクテδテつッテつ催δテつョテツクテδテつッテ「竄ャツテδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ" テδテつョテ「竄ャツ。テδテつョテつェテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつッテツ テδテつョテツステδテつョテつィテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、 テδテつョテつィテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつッテδテつッテつテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ テδテつョテ「竄ャツヲテδテつョテつオテδテつョテつー テδテつョテつェテδテつョテつ、テδテつッテつ催δテつョテつ、テδテつョテつソ テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつェテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェテδテつョテつセ テδテつョテつェテδテつッテ「竄ャツテδテつョテツ。 テδテつョテつョテδテつッテつテδテつョテツクテδテつョテつソテδテつョテつッテδテつッテつテδテつョテつョテδテつョテつセ. テδテつョテ「竄ャツヲテδテつョテつオテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつゥテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつゥテδテつッテ銀 テδテつョテつーテδテつッテツテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつェ テδテつョテツ。テδテつョテつソテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつーテδテつョテつョテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつョテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつソテδテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「テδテつョテつーテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ.

テδテつョテつ、テδテつョテつイテδテつッテ銀テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつーテδテつッテつ テδテつョテつオテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつエテδテつッテつ催δテつョテ「竄ャツ「 テδテつョテつェテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつイテδテつッテつ催δテつョテつイテδテつョテつセテδテつョテつ」テδテつッテつ催δテつョテツクテδテつッテつ.

Saturday, 1st November 2008 at 12:38:58

i was worried what sathyaraj is going to say this time but what happened was very interesting when he was shaking hands with thalaivar like anything for almost a long time and praising him something after thalaivar announced the money contribution. I hope he has understood the mistakes, pavam pozhachu potam manichuduvom.hope in future he doesnt says anything bad about thalaivar.Hope peace prevails everywhere.a big salute to thalaivar for his contribution.
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