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What a world!
(Wednesday, 15th October 2008)

Cinema reporters association for the first time this year awarded some artists as “Cinema Commentators”. Please note that the sponsor of this award program is J.K.Riteesh, and go ahead in reading.

As quick the association formed, it is broken into two. Earlier the deserted party has done an appreciation program for Amir for his “Paruthi Veeran”. In that occasion There was some loose talk from Amir about Kamalahasan.I condemned this earlier in my writings.  

Later, Amir received awards and appreciations from a lot of associations. Starting from Berlin to Burma Bazaar crooked end shop keepers; movie was appreciated by all of them. They respected him with different awards as well.

This’s Cinema reporters association’s turn. Few days back in that occasion, best director award gone to Amir for his “Paruthi Veeran”,Best film award gone to his “Paruthi Veeran” flim,and best actress award gone to “Paruthi Veeran” fame Priya mani. After receiving the award, to cover the place in the news paper’s cinema corner, this time he used Rajini’s Name.

Amir’s speech about Rajini in that program:

…to give a best actor award to Rajini is an insulting action to artists like us.The maker Bala chander knows that he’s not suitable for that award. Even...Rajini knows it. It’s commercial and disrespecting to award by chasing these actors.  

On what basis you award artists like Rajni and Vijay as best actor. They might be a good actors and popular heroes. But they are not deciding the notable stories. Then why is the award? After a moment he said I respect Rajini,But I don’t accept to give best actor award to him. And shown his wiseness by saying ‘Popular award might be given to Rajini.’

This Amir earlier supported Rajini in an interview with Ju Vi. We also appreciated him that time. But now to get a good name with somebody else, his pointless speech is insulting Rajini.If his target is awarding committee, then he could have directly offended them, not by insulting Rajini’s Fame and name.

What’s Amir Problem?

            Lot of Recognizable associations and state governments are awarding Rajini as best actor ..is this the one Amir’s problem? Rajini is famed as a world class actor.

We don’t bother about the certifications from the directors like Amir who direct Just 3 movies (2 are average) and occupying place in all program stages. Next, to know a good actor called Rajini, No need to go for ‘Mullum Malarum’ , ‘Joni’ look at ‘Sivaji‘ he’s the veteran actor who takes people to the new world. Sadness can be shown in acting, But Electricity…lightening effect… can be felt? He’s the one super star and only super star of art world who knows that agility.

To describe the special in Rajini’s acting is alike describing the special of Sun.Just analyze the Amir’s movies who is critizing Rajini’s act. What logic does it contain and what so artistic special in it.

Even though director likes Amir’s movies containing mistakes than bests, media is motivating them to bring some light over their hidden skills.  

But on the contrary, Amir is taking it by mistake like he’s the Socrates of film world that clearly shows Amir’s absurd.

He spoke on the stage, owned by J K Riteesh. Amir and Balachander specially respected him too. This is enough to show the bad face of the award and highly appreciated Cinema reporters association. Is Amir such a ridiculous person not to understand these?

Like those, Is Rajini an artist who chasing after any stages and awards?

Amir, realize your level. In one stage you expressed your frustration not to have got the A R Rahman’s Call sheet. Two days later you abused and offended the same A R Rahman.

“When you are a Sage, if you go to the wrong way. You will not get even the bliss and bless from the god which is available for free“. We least worry about these program stages.

Our regret is the senior who came to preside over the function; K.Balachander never expressed any words and repeatedly agreed entirely Amir 5 times.

Not only that..’ when I directed Rajini – Kamal,they were a normal actors..But now they are grown. Oh..god that is not my mistake. Recently Rajini pitied and gave a film to me. Otherwise I’m not responsible for their popularity..Amir is right’ he added.

Is Rajini pitied and acted in kuselan. How this flim resulted in his fame. Even though, he didn’t want his mentor to get any regret, and paid his own money to the theater owners..(Still the problem is not solved it seems)   

What a world!

- Sanganathan
Translated by : Balakumaran

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Wednesday, 22nd October 2008 at 23:34:32


i didn't expect those words from ameer and that too from KB. I CAN ALWAYS Sy one thing about thalaivar



Prasanna Kumar,chennai
Monday, 20th October 2008 at 12:15:16

Ameer needs to learn his lessons, I personally felt paruthiveeran was gross... the theme of that movie in itself was Dark, and the climax was so irritating so much so that I felt like puking… I don’t go to movies to make myself sad, let amir make a movie with a new face to make me go crazy like what our super star did with thambikku yendha ooru or what Kamal did with his thenali…then i would consider him to be a capable creator. Any movie with a hard hitting theme leave’s people confused,It makes people confused, people get stuck between whether to appreciate the movie or call it a dumb shit, the kinds of paruthiveeran make people to convince themselves that the climax of the movie was unbearable so it must have been the actors who made them to feel so, but in actuality the very theme had made people uncomfortable……….. and Amir just capitalized on that particular aspect, the theme of the movie was Dark…. He is just an other Barathiraja who knows nothing but vayalum Vazhvum now where is bharathi raja, there have been thousands of directors like him who just turned out to be just a flash in the pan ………………........ ........................
Saturday, 18th October 2008 at 09:00:56

Hey Ameer,!mine ur word 1st.did u know about superstar?all in the world know about super star.he is a no.1 actor in the world.he is one and only best actor in this world.just u compare with ur bleddy and cheapnest paruthiveeran and the great SIVAJI.wht think in ur paruthi(paruppu)..but sivaji is the same with hollywood movies.bleddy Ameer!....better mine ur words.
raja m,tuticorin
Saturday, 18th October 2008 at 07:37:37

who is the desite to who is the actor and which is the best film?
mettu street k.muthu,chennai
Friday, 17th October 2008 at 23:14:03

தலைவர் மட்டும் தான் பழச மறக்காம குரு என்கிற மரியாதைக்காக அவர் கஸ்டம் தீர குஸேலன் படம் நடிச்சி கொடுத்தார், இவ்வளவு பெரிய சூப்பர் ஸ்டார் ஆன பிறகும், நன்றீ மறக்கலை தலைவர், ஆனா......., அவர் குரு பாலசந்தர்......?! நல்லவங்கள உலகம் மதிக்காது, புரிந்துக்கொள்ளவும் செய்யாது !
Friday, 17th October 2008 at 22:34:12

hello rajinites,
one thing is very clear from this episode. every one need popularity... they can't get it. only if you drag rajni's name it will come in next day's headlines... all are clever. many wants rajini to be written off.. i remind you all one dialogue from 'nallavanukku nallavan'
your days are numbered... when kartik says our
thalaivar says .. my steps are measured...

Boss Rasigan,Pennsylvania, USA
Friday, 17th October 2008 at 14:33:13

A small correction in my previous posting. It should read 'Be good to every one regardless of how bad they are' and not the other way. Sorry.
Friday, 17th October 2008 at 10:53:23

Mattamana film pauruthi veeran.The one Film I hated and did not watch fully is PARUTHI VEERAN full of dirty violance.Useless harsh music.He has no rights to talk about RAJINI.
Friday, 17th October 2008 at 02:38:46

SURIYAN parthu naikal kulaikindrana
Boss Rasigan,Pennsylvania, USA
Thursday, 16th October 2008 at 13:55:05

Thalaivar is great. He is following just one thing in life as our puranas/geetha says. Be good to every one regardless of how bad you are. Thalaiva, due to this quality you will keep on winning accolades, name and fame even though you are not after them. You are a great soul, great human and our lovable thalaivar always. Long live thalaiva.
MAT,Penang, Malaysia
Thursday, 16th October 2008 at 12:34:48

Yenna nandrikettu olegemyaithe, nallavagelle andavan sothipan ana kaivedematha, kettevegele sothikemathan anaa kaivettuduvan, so namma thalavarai yendrekum andavhan kaivedemathan, innthe vaiterichal gombele andhavan kaivettudevan, avangeleku alivukalum nerengiruche. Namma thailaivar yendrekum nementhe nippar, thalaivara yaraleyum asaika mudiyathu, inthe pudipeye phesurethe, nayi malaiyepathu kolehkiremathiri, aven yavelovo kolaichalum malaiyeh asaike mudiyathu, malehdah anamaleh. Valga thalaivaaaaaa
Thursday, 16th October 2008 at 08:24:46

amir padathin vakram piditha climax(paruthiveeran) oorukke theriyum muthalil ameer thannudaya kudumpathodu parkka koodiya alavukku padankalai eduthuvittu piragu superstar-I vimarsikkalaam.
Thursday, 16th October 2008 at 07:33:42

I disagree with the stupid guy's speech. Someone said below watched in IndiaGLitz. I also watched
that. It is wrong what he said. Rajini didn't become Superstar after acting in just two to three movies. He has done ton's of roles including character roles and herosim roles. Everyone Should Remember Bhuvana Oru Kelivijuri, Engaiyo Ketta Kural...like lot of movies..in which Thalaivar's performance is stupendous one. No one can disagree that. That stupid guy should think all and should speak in the function. Who is he to comment about our thalaivar. "Nethu Pencha Malaila Mullacha Kalan" Avan avan ellam oru alunu pesa vanthutan mutta payae. Ennamo oru rendu padam direct pannita periya ala avan. Thalaivar kal thoosiku samam avan. Thalaiavar became a superstar after acting in so many award winning movies. Now People expecting Him to do Fiery Role. He is doing that. Everybody has one style of acting and their way. Thalaivar's Way is a separate way. Better not to cross Aameer. You are podi payae.

Rajini's fan,canada
Thursday, 16th October 2008 at 06:11:51

முதல்ல விருது வழங்கியதப் பற்றி தெளிவாகப் புரிந்து கொள்ளாமல் பேசுரத நிப்பாட்டுங்க. ரஜினிக்கு கொடுத்த அவார்டு மிகவும் செல்வாக்குள்ள நடிகர் அவார்டு. சரி அமீர், கே.பிக்கு ஒரு கேள்வி. என்.டி.டிவி அவார்டு தந்தாங்களே அதுலயும் அவரோட சிவாஜி யோட தாக்கத்துக்கு மட்டுமே கிடச்ச விருது. அதென்ன சார் பொம்பளய அசிங்கமாத் திட்டி ப்த்து நிமிக்ஷம் "ரேப்", சீன காட்டுற படம் அவார்டு படம்.இந்த அசிங்கத்தை கேன்ஸ் வர வேற, என்ன கொடும? ஏங்க அவார்டு படம்ன்னா யதார்த்தாமான நிகழ்வுகள சொல்ல முடியாதா! மகானதியாகட்டும், பருத்திவீரன் ஆகட்டும் பொம்பளய சீரழிக்கிறது தான் அவார்டு தகுதி போல! அந்த அவலத்த படம் பிடிக்கிறது தவிர என்ன செய்யுது சோ கால்டு அவார்டு படங்கள்! மன்னிக்க கார்த்திய நான் குறை சொல்லல. ஆனா முதல்ல அவார்டு பட‌த்தரத்த நல்லவிசயங்களப்பத்தி காட்ட மாத்துங்க! அடுத்தவன் சோகத்தில சுகம் கானும் வக்கிர பார்வை கொண்ட கதைகள் முதல்ல சினிமால காட்டுற கூறுகெட்டத்தனத்துக்கு அவார்டு வேற.
Anand,Bamako, Mali
Thursday, 16th October 2008 at 05:27:04

நன்றி கெட்ட உலகமடா ! இங்கு

நாணயத்தை தேடுவது மடமையடா !

இதே பாலசந்தர் , நாம தலைவர் ரஜினியை மட்டும் தான் அறிமுகப் படுத்தினரா? ( உருவக்கவில்லை ).

தனக்கு படம் பண்ணி தர சொல்லி ஏன் மற்றவரிடம் கேட்கவில்லை.

நோகாம நோன்பி கும்பிட எங்க தலைவர் வேணும். அப்புறம் தேவை இல்லை.

நீங்களாம் சோறு தான் சாப்பிடுகிறீர்களா ?

ஏதோ நாம் தலைவரின் குரு என்று நான் மரியாதை வைத்திருந்தேன். இனி கிடையாது.


தன்னம்பிக்கை இருக்கலாம். தலைக்கணம் கூடாது.

ஏதோ ஒரு படம் வெற்றி அடைந்தது என்று ஆடாதே.
ஆப்பு வைக்க அந்த ஆண்டவன் ரெடியா இருப்பான்.

சூரியனை பார்த்து நாய் குலைப்பது ஏன் என்று எல்லோருக்கும் தெரியும்.

போங்கடா நீங்களும் உங்க மனங்கெட்ட பொழப்பும்.


நீ கலங்காதே !

உனக்காக இருப்பது பல கோடி ரசிகர்கள்.

அதில் நானும் ஒருவன்.

பமகோ, மாலி.

Thursday, 16th October 2008 at 05:02:16

I dont care about Ammer, He is nothing',.But the thing which make me sad is the statement by Mr.Balachandran . What a ungrateful human he are. And for you Anonymos, please change your statement. If compare Shivaji AND the stupid paruthiveeran,My vote will go to Shivaji because have done three role in shivaji.
1) Computer Engineer
2) The Boss
3) Mottai Boss
But in parithiveeran the was only one stupid charater.

Thursday, 16th October 2008 at 04:15:00

mr.anonymous,ameer is a fan of kamal not our thalivar....only if u r clear with the things,post ur comment else u pls don
Thursday, 16th October 2008 at 04:04:52

Hello Mr........ stop non-sense talking. You are a bachcha (Kozhanthai)

R. Balaji

Manikandan Bose,Chennai
Thursday, 16th October 2008 at 04:00:06

பாலசந்தர் சார்.... நீங்களுமா.....
Thursday, 16th October 2008 at 03:59:09

Hi All,

Ameer is not a popular director or a good director. What has he done to the public or Cine world. He is looking for cheap publicity. He thinks he is the god father for cinema. He should be careful when he talks and to talk with some sense. I will say he is a senseless person. How many hit movies he has given. Even paruthuveeran is a cheap movie.


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