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Rajinikanth Meets Fans Outside House on Pongal Amid Rising Covid Cases, Video Goes Viral
(Friday, 14th January 2022)

Pongal is being celebrated today, January 14 among the people in South India. The four-day long harvest festival will be celebrated till January 17. Every year in mid-January, Pongal symbolises the start of Uttarayan, the sun’s voyage northward, and the conclusion of the winter season. Indian Superstar RajInikanth came out of the house and wished his friends and followers on his social media handle on the gracious occasion of Pongal. In a 25 second video, Rajinikanth was seen dressed in a simple white kurta pyajama, accepted the maddening love by his fans outside his home. Amid the rising covid cases, the Annaatthe actor greeted fans with his signature ‘namaskar’.

Superstar Rajinikanth stated on his Twitter handle as follows :

“We are all living in a terrible and dangerous period, the number of people infected with the Coronavirus is growing by the day. To keep ourselves safe from this infection, we must strictly adhere to all norms and regulations. Nothing is more vital than one’s own health. Greetings on Pongal I say to everyone,” 

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